General Information
Gender: Male
Address: West Covina
Occupation(s): Manager at Aloha Tech Center
Family & Friends
Employees: Josh Chan (Assistant Manager)
Series Information
Episode Count: 3
First seen: I'm Going on a Date With Josh's Friend!
Last seen: Who Is Josh's Soup Fairy?
Portrayer: Eugene Cordero

Alex is a recurring character on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. He is the manager at Aloha Tech Center and Josh's boss.


In, "I'm Going on a Date With Josh's Friend! " Josh Chan applies for an assistant manger position at Aloha Tech Center. At first, Alex turns Josh down calling him, pretenious and over qualified for the laid-back store. However after Rebecca yells at him he changes his mind. In, "Where Is Josh's Friend? " He catches Josh sleeping at the store and forces him to find a new place to live.

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