Ashley Pratt
Ashley Pratt

General Information
Gender: Female
Address: West Covina,Calif. (Formerly)


Occupation(s): Actress
Family & Friends
Friends: Hector
White Josh
Josh Chan
Romances: Greg Serrano (Made out with)
Series Information

 and last seen:

I'm Back at Camp with Josh!
Portrayer: Megan Heyn

Ashley Pratt is a minor character on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend . Ashley went to high school with Greg , White Josh , Hector and Josh Chan and was Greg's dream girlfriend. She is portrayed by Megan Heyn.


In high school Ashley was very popular and didn't hang around with Josh or his friends much. Greg had a crush on her since kindergarten and in high school their lockers were next to each others, but she never noticed him. Year's later they reconnect at a party and at first she doesn't recognize him, but finds him down the earth, and really likes him. Ashley tells Greg that he's the kind of guy a girl could settle down with and helps him realize he needs to commit to his girlfriend, Heather.

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