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I am bisexual! I'm going for drinks with this gay man, whom I have a crush on.
Darryl Whitefeater in Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!
Darryl Whitefeather
Darryl Whitefeather - Character
Darryl in Season One

General Information
Gender: Male
Nationality: 1/8 Chippewa
Address: Irvine, California (Birthplace)

West Covina, California

Occupation(s): Lawyer

Owner of Whitefeather & Associates

Aliases: "Chief" by himself

"Dad", "Daddy" by Madison
"D-Dawg" by Hector
"D" by Rebecca and White Josh

Family & Friends
Family: Madison Whitefeather (Daughter)

Heabecca (Daughter: Name subject to change)

Friends: Rebecca Bunch
Paula Proctor
Josh Wilson
Greg Serrano
Romances: Stacy Whitefeather (Ex-Wife)
Josh Wilson (Ex-Boyfriend)
Boss: Nathaniel Plimpton
Employees: Rebecca Bunch
Paula Proctor
Mrs. Hernandez
Enemies: Stacy Whitefeather (Ex-Wife)
Series Information
Episode Count: 37
First seen: "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!"
Last seen: "Finale: Nathaniel is irrelevant."
Portrayer: Pete Gardner

Darryl Whitefeather is a main character on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. He is Rebecca and Paula's boss at Whitefeather & Associates. He is potrayed by Pete Gardner.


Josh Just Happens to Live Here!

Darryl is excited to have a new lawyer at his firm, Rebecca Bunch. He shows her around the office and welcomes her to West Covina. Darryl tells Rebecca about his divorce, in hopes that she will represent him in the case. Rebecca doesn't think it would be appropriate and Darryl's sorry for even asking.

Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!

Rebecca has been working at Whitefeather & Associates for about a week and things have been going great. She helped Darryl close a 10-year old case.

I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!

Trying to make work more fun, Darryl creates Weekend Tuesday. A day to relax like it's the weekend, but still work. His idea backfires when people stop working and enjoy their "weekend" instead. Darryl goes to Rebecca's housewarming party where he meets weird people and accidentally does meth.

Josh and I Are Good People!

Rebecca finally agrees to represent Darryl in his divorce case. Darryl just wants the best for his daughter and doesn't want the divorce to affect her. Darryl goes on and on about how much he loves his daughter and sings "I Love My Daughter" where he over-explains how much he loves his daughter to point where it sounds creepy. While talking with his daughter, she reveals his ex-wife, Stacy was sleeping with her boss. Rebecca uses the affair to get Darryl temporary full custody and Stacy supervised visitations. Rebecca isn't finished yet and hatches plan to plant $10,000 dollars in Stacy's suitcase, so when she tries to cross the border on her trip the Cayman Islands she's arrested. Rebecca's plan doesn't work out and instead, she convinces Stacy to settle the divorce outside of court to prevent hurting their daughter. 

I'm So Happy That Josh is So Happy! Darryl is welcoming Calvin Young to the office, the most important potential client the firm has ever had. He puts Rebecca on the case, because their's no one he trusts more to get the job done. Rebecca makes a bad first impression on Calvin with blue ink stains on her teeth and the smell of vodka on her clothes. Darryl tells her to go home, where she can't make things worse. Hoping to make up for Rebecca's bad impression, Darryl and Paula have dinner with Calvin. Paula and Calvin are infatuated with each other and Darryl is a third wheel. In the end Paula and Rebecca makes a great impression on Calvin and he becomes an official client of Whitefeather & Associates

My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves!
California Christmas Time

Rebecca,Paula Proctor,Josh Chan, Carol and Darryl

Darryl is all ready for Christmas, wearing his Christmas sweater and decorating office. He joins his friends at the mall to sing "California Christmastime"  in celebration of all the things they love about Christmas in California .

I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends!


Since the divorce Darryl's been lonely, so when he overhears Rebecca's going to the beach he asks to tag along, but Rebecca says no. Not giving up, Darryl goes to the beach on his own and accidentally starts a traffic jam. When Rebecca sees Darryl stranded on the street she lets him on the bus.On the bus Darryl meets White Josh a trainer from his gym. The duo bond over exercise tips and Josh's fitness.

I'm Back at Camp with Josh!

Madison is with her mother for the weekend and Darryl feels lonely. So when he bumps into Hector, White Josh and Greg at home base he can't wait to hang out with them. They plan to meet up at Darryl's place to watch the game and have a small party. After watching the game for a bit the gang is ready to leave and check out some girls. Darrryl doesn't want them to go so he lies and says he already invited girls. Darryl searches up how to get girls at his party and finds "Sofistic8ed Party Casting". A service that gets girls to your party for a small fee. Not long after, Darryl's place if flooded with woman and everyone is having a great time. After the party Darryl and White Josh are left alone to clean up the mess. White Josh and Darryl laugh and talk until White Josh has to leave. Before leaving he kisses Darryl on the cheek and winks, leaving Darryl stunned. At work the next day Rebecca and Paula are talking about kisses on the cheek and the how meaningful they can be. Darryl isn't sure what to think.

Josh and I Work on a Case! Trying to figure out what the kiss meant, Darryl hires White Josh as his trainer. White Josh tells Darryl, he's gay and thought he was too, because he was giving him "gay vibes". Darryl is shocked at the accusation and insists that he likes woman and is completely straight. Darryl fires Josh as his trainer and joins a cardio mambo class instead. In the class, Darryl finds himself attracted to both male and female butts and realizes he's bisexual. He runs to White Josh to tell him he's "bothsexual" and they share their first kiss. Back at work, Darryl and Rebecca are working on a case against Greater City Water . They get all the residents from Josh Chan's building on board and to help improve their case they meet with Bert, a water conspiracist and former employee of Greater City Water. Bert tells them that Greater City Water has been bribing landlords to redirect water to Los Angeles. With Bert's testimony they can win their case.

Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!

Darryl goes to the gym to see, White Josh and ask him out on a date. Josh wants to go somewhere casual like Home Base , but Darryl doesn't want to go anywhere people they know might see them. Josh isn't willing to go back in the closet for him or anyone else and leaves. At Whitefeather & Associates Darryl and Rebecca are still working on their case against Greater City Water . They're planning to get plaintiffs from all across thee San Gabriel Valley, to make this the largest class action lawsuit L.A. county has ever seen. The lawyers from Greater City Water come to West Covina to threaten them to drop the lawsuit, Rebecca is tough and says they can win regardless of what they say. Darryl and everyone on the case travel to Los Angeles. As a surprise White Josh comes for moral support. The defense discredits their number one witness, ruining their chances and causing them to loose the case. After the case Darryl apologizes to White Josh and declares in front of everyone on the street that he's bisexual. White Josh accepts his apology and they go out for drinks.

Josh is Going to Hawaii!

Darryl calls for a staff meeting to announce his new sexuality. In a big production Darryl sings "Gettin' Bi "  as his way of coming out as a bisexual. Later on Darryl and White Josh go out out on their first real date to an expensive restaurant. Darryl wants White Josh to meet his co-workers, but White Josh thinks he needs to relax a little and maybe date other people. A few days later  White Josh and Darryl bump into each other at Boba Hut . Darryl tells him he's been on 2 other dates, but doesn't like anyone as much as him. Josh asks is they can start over and they have a drink together.

Josh Has No Idea Where I Am!

After Rebecca doesn't show up for work and countless failed attempts to contact her, Darryl goes to her house. Instead of finding Rebecca he finds Paula and Josh who are also looking for her and Darryl starts to get worried. Paula searches through Rebecca's computer and finds a plane ticket to New York. Darryl doesn't want Rebecca to go and is thankful for the role she's played in her life. When Rebecca gets home Darryl's happy and can finally relax.

Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?

Darryl is judging a pie contest where his employees Paula and Rebecca are contestants. He votes for them because he considers them his best friends.

Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!

Darryl White Josh Holding Hand

White Josh and Darryl holding hands

Darryl and White Josh go to Jayma's wedding together. Darryl sees Rebecca sitting by herself, looking upset and brings Paula to the wedding so they can make up. He spends most of the night holding hands and dancing with his boyfriend.

Where Is Josh's Friend?


Darryl kissing White Josh

Darryl and White Josh relationship is becoming more serious. Darryl gives White Josh the keys to his apartment.

When Will Josh See How Cool I am? After learning Paula is applying to Law School, Darryl writes her a recommendation letter. Paula turns it down because Rebecca is already writing her one, hurting Darryl's feelings. Daryl hold on to his letter and hopes his best friend chooses to use his letter over Rebecca's. Paula ends up using his letter after Rebecca submits her's after the deadline.

All Signs Point to Josh...Or Is It Josh's Friend?

Darryl gets a notification that Paula and Rebecca's periods are starting and gives them chocolate. He wants to be closer to his best friend's and do more things together. He helps Paula start Law School this semester instead of waiting by talking to the dean. He surprises her with brand new shoes and balloons.

When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone? Darryl welcomes Whitefeather & Associates new client Trina from the Docuhe Comapany. He also tries to comfort Rebecca when her embarrassing 911 call is uploaded online.

Why is Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?


Darryl and White Josh go The Eletric Messa. Darryl feels uncomfortable being one of the older people at the event until he meets Carl. They're all having a good time until, Darryl learns White Josh not only used to date Carl, but a bunch of other older guys. He starts to think White Josh has a fetish for older guys and he doesn't actually like him.Darryl doesn't feel special any more, but Rebecca urges him to talk to him and figure things out. Darryl tells White Josh how he feels and he reassures him that he's special. White Josh also feels like Darryl's midlife crisis or fetish and wants to know why he hasn't met Madison yet. Darryl thought it was a big step, but White Josh wants a serious relationship. They say I love you and make up. Later on, Darryl introduces White Josh to Madison.


Darryl with Daughter

Darryl with his daughter.

Madison Whitefeather


Madison is Darryl's daughter. In "Josh and I are Good People! " Darryl sings "I Love My Daughter " where he over-explains how much he loves his daughter. Darryl's strained relationship with Madison's mother, Stacy interferes with him spending more time with his daughter. After Rebecca intervened he was granted temporary full custody. For Madison's last birthday, he rented a party bus. In, Why is Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?" Darryl introduces Madison to his boyfriend, White Josh.



Rebecca, Darryl's employee.

Rebecca Bunch

Best Friend/Employee

Darryl is excited when Rebecca calls him asking for a job. She's such an excellent lawyer with an astounding pro-folio that Darryl hires her right away. Darryl considers Rebecca one of his best friends along with his other employee, Paula Proctor .In "Josh and I are Good People! " Rebecca helps Darryl in the custody battle over his daughter. Without her he wouldn't have exposed his wife as a cheater and gotten temporary custody of Madison . In "Josh is Going to Hawaii! " Rebecca goes missing and Darryl gets worried when she doesn't show up for work. Darryl cares about Rebecca so much he comes to her house to tries and find her. In season 3 Rebecca, trying to do something good, donates Darryl eggs so he can have a baby. 

Paula Proctor

Paula, Darryl's best friend

Paula Proctor

Best Friend/Employee

Darryl is Paula's boss, but he also considers Paula one of his best friends. He trusts Paula to be in charge when he's not around and when Paula signs up for a pie baking contest, Darryl votes for Paula's pie because he loves her and obviously wants his best friend to win. He also helps Paula get into law school by writing her a recomendation letter and pulling some strings with the dean.

Heather Davis Carried his baby/surrogate/friend

In season 3 after Rebecca donated an egg to Darryl they began looking for a surrogate. Heather overheard them and said she'd do it. She carried the baby through the time jump and in the finale gave birth.


Stacy Whitefeather


When Darryl and Stacy were married they had one daughter, Madison . Currently they are going through a messy divorce fighting for custody over Madison. Rebecca took Darryl on as a client and got him temporary custody and exposed Stacy for cheating on him with her boss for 5 years. Stacy and Darryl agreed to settle their disagreements oustide of court.

Josh Wilson


Darryl kissing White Josh


Josh and Darryl first meet in "I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends! " when a lonely Darryl crashes their trip to the beach. Darryl was interested in Josh's fitness and they became friends. They hang out again in "I'm Back at Camp with Josh! " when Darryl invites Greg, Hector and Josh Wilson over to watch a game. After everyone leaves it's only Josh and Darryl left to clean up the mess. They have a nice conversation and seem to switch from friendly to flirty. Before Josh leaves he kisses Darryl on the cheek leaving Darryl stunned but pleased. In "Josh and I Work On a Case! " Darryl can't stop thinking about the kiss from Josh and decides to hire Josh as his trainer. Josh tells Darryl he's gay and thought he was too because he was giving him "gay vibes". Darryl is shocked at the accusation and denies being gay. In frustration, Darryl fires Josh as his trainer.. Later in a cardio mamba class, Darryl finds himself attracted to both female and male butts and realizes he is "bothsexual". Darryl runs to tell josh and they share their first kiss. In "Josh and I Go to Los Angeles! " Darryl wants to hide their relationship from their friends but Josh refuses to go back into the closet after being out for so long. After a change of heart Darryl is ready to tell the world he's bisexual and publicly kisses Josh. In the "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh! ", Josh and Darryl go on a date to Jamya's wedding in matching tuxedos. In, "Where Is Josh's Friend? Darryl gives White Josh the keys to apartment, as their relationship becomes more serious. White Josh is always spending time at the office and bringing Darryl's lunch. White Josh takes Darryl to many beautiful locations and helps him see the beauty right under his nose. In, Why is Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs? Darryl is scared he's just a fetish for White Josh and White Josh is scared he's just his midlife crisis. They both reassure each other that they are special and say I love you for the first time. Darryl introduces White Josh to his daughter, Madison tal=king another big step in their relationship.


  • “Her feet on my shoes, her hands on my hips/Yeah, it’s a weird visual, now that I think of it.” '(Darryl over explaining how much he loves his daughter.
  • “My whole life is a lie, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it,” Darryl discovering Stacy has been cheating on him for years.
  • “Someday she’ll fall in love and I’ll give her away / Not like I ever had her. What a weird thing to say,” Darryl singing about his daughter
  • "Cause I love my daughter, but not in a creepy way, /Though I realize father/daughter love comes off that way. /I just love my daughter—but again, not in a creepy way."
  • "Maybe your nickname should be Gay Josh instead of White Josh because then people would know what’s up!"
  • "I am bisexual! I'm going for drinks with this gay man, whom I have a crush on!"
  • "Has she been Catfished by a drug smuggler? I saw this new show Catfished by a Drug Smuggler on the new Catfishing channel. Oh my God, it is so good."
  • "It’s not a phase. I’m not confused. Not indecisive. I don’t have the gotta choose blues. I don’t care if you wear high heels or a tie, you might just catch my eye because I’m definitely bi."



  • Darryl is 1/8 Chippewa
  • He is bisexual
  • He met employee Tim at a strip club
  • His favorite color is green.
  • Cries at cat food commercials