Dear Joshua Felix Chan (also known as "Dear Felix Chan" on YouTube) is a song sung by Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) in the episode "'I'm Back at Camp with Josh!". The song was a love letter Rebecca wrote to Josh before they broke up during summer camp in 2005.


Rebecca: Dear Joshua Felix Chan
I remember the moment it began
You were playing frisbee shirtless
On the field across the lake
Next to the dumpster
And your skin glistened in the sunlight
All your moles, a constellation on your chest
Dear Joshua, when we frolic
I feel like, and not to be hyperbolic
But I feel like I could die of happiness
When I'm nestled in your hairless arms
We're like Tristan and Isolde
Ancient lovers rotting desperately in the forest
Dear Joshua Felix Chan,
It's music when I hold your hand
I loved you from the moment
That I saw you you're my hero I believe in you
There's nothing you can't do
You make a difference in the world
And you make all the difference in the world
To me

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