"Don't Settle for Me" is a song sung by Heather and Greg in Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!. In this antonymic reprise of "Settle for Me", Heather tells Greg that he is still in love with Rebecca and breaks up with him.


Heather: Don't settle for me.
Greg: What?
Heather: Come on, dude.
Don't settle for me.
Trust me, I know guys
And that look in your eyes
Means you're in love.

Greg: Love? Who are you all of a sudden?
Heather: Shut up and listen to my wise reprise.
We've had some fun together.
Greg: Hold on a second, Heather...
Heather: But I need, like, so much more.
I'm way too badass to be someone you settle for.

Go see her, 'kay?