Face Your Fears is sung by Paula Proctor in I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!. In the song, Paula attempts to encourage Rebecca to face her fears of throwing a party, but the advice she gives is not exactly sound.


Paula: I used to be afraid
Of so much in this world.
I’d tiptoe through each day, like some
Frightened little girl.
Then one day I realized I can’t just
Run and hide from life.
Now if someone pulls a gun on me
I pull out my knife!
Rebecca: I don’t follow.
Paula: Sit on my lap like I’m Santa and listen to me.
Face your fears.
Stare them down.
Don’t be scared.
Stand your ground.
‘Cause nothing is as scary
As it appears.
All you gotta do
Is face your fears.
If a bear runs at you in the woods,
Don’t run away.
Look it deep in the eyes,
Put your hand on its chest, and say
“Bear, I’m not afraid!”
If you’re in a burning building,
And smoke is everywhere,
Keep calm, take a deep breath,
And stay right there!
Face your fears!
Run with scissors!
‘Cause you can fly,
Yes, you can fly.
Fly out of a window.
Fly off a building!
Just believe in yourself,
Face your fears!
‘Cause the children are the future!
Children's choir: Aaahhh!
Paula: Face your fears!
Children's choir: Face your fears!
Paula: Follow your dreams!
Children's choir: Follow your dreams!
Paula: Stare at the sun!
Children's choir: Stare at the sun!
Paula: Play in the street!
Children's choir: A busy street!
Paula: If you’re scared of bees
Children's choir: If you’re scared of bees
Paula: Get stung!
Children's choir: Don’t have an EpiPen ready!
Paula: Reach for the stars!
Children's choir: Literally touch a star
Paula: Face your fears!
Children's choir: Stars aren’t that hot!
Paula: Face your fears!
Children's choir: Face your fears!
Paula: Join the Marines!
Children's choir: Join the Marines!
Paula: Swim right after eating!
Children's choir: Don’t wait 30 minutes!
Paula: ‘Cause you are amazing!
Children's choir: So amazing!
Paula: Wipe back to front!
Children's choir: Don’t wipe front to back!
Paula: Drop out of school!
Children's choir: School is stupid
Paula: All you gotta dooooo…

Rebecca: Is face my fears?

Paula: Is face your...
Rebecca: Fears, I got it.
Paula: Feeeeeeeeeeears!
Children's choir: Aaaaaaah