Greater City Water is a conglomerate of utility companies, reservoirs and aqueduct owners. Greater City Water is working in cahoots with local landlords of the San Gabriel Valley. Some of the pipes in the central switching station in West Covina are being siphoned off creating a lack of water pressure which causes water heaters to under-perform. Instead of supplying water throughout the county the company isdirecting the water one way. This means residents of the San Gabriel Valley are forced to have cold showers.

Season 1

Whitefeather & Associates sues the billion dollar company for misusing their power and denying residents of the San Gabriel Valley hot water. Greater City Water hires Audra Levine on their case, facing against her nemesis Rebecca Bunch . When Rebecca calls her witnesss, Bert, a former employee of Greater City Water, Audra exposes him as schizophrenic discrediting his testimony. Leading Greater City Water to win the case. However after the case e-mails exposing a cover-up are released.


  • Bert worked at Greater City Water for 15 years

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