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Greg Serrano
Greg Serrano - Character

General Information
Gender: Male
Nationality: Italian
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
Address: West Covina, California (Former)


Occupation(s): Bartender


Aliases: Greggy by Shawna

Gregory by Rebecca

Family & Friends
Family: Marco Serrano (Father)
Shawna (Mother)
Lily (Half-Sister)
Mason (Half-Brother)
Friends: Josh Chan (Best Friend)

Josh Wilson
Rebecca Bunch
Valencia Perez

Romances: Ashley Pratt (Former Crush;made out with)

Heather Davis (Ex-Girlfriend)
Rebecca Bunch (Ex-Girlfriend/in love with)

Boss: Kevin (Former)
Other Information
Education: Emory
Series Information
Episode Count: 22
First seen: Josh Just Happens to Live Here!
Last seen: When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?
Portrayer: Santino Fontana
What'll be
—Greg Serrano's catchphrase

Greg Serrano is a former main character on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Greg is a friend of Josh and when he first met Rebecca, he was immediately attracted to her. He is portrayed by Santino Fontana.

Early Life

When Greg was young his mother and father got divorced. Greg stayed with his father while his mother started a new family. Years later, Greg got into Emory and was studying to become a business man. Then his father was diagnosed with emphysema and he left school to help him. He got a job as a bartender at Home Base and put his life on hold to care for his dad.


Greg has issues dealing with his emotions, and hides his feelings with sarcasm. He doesn't know how to convey his true feelings with words and instead shuts down and gets drunk. In, "I'm Back at Camp with Josh! " White Josh tells him, "I think your behavior reflects a deep-seated fear that if you love somebody, she'll leave you. It's probably rooted in your childhood drama." This is a correct observation. After his mother left when he was kid, Greg thought if he ever loved anyone again, they would leave as well, which created his fear of commitment and getting too close to the people he loves. Greg is self-destructive and ruins the good things he has in his life, likes his relationship with Rebecca . In Season 2 , Greg changes as he realizes his faults and attempts to mend them starting with confronting his alcohol addiction.

Season 1

Josh Just Happens to Live Here!

Greg is working at Home Base when a beautiful girl named, Rebecca sits at the bar. Rebecca is looking for a guy named Josh Chan, who coincidentally is Greg's best friend. Greg tells her that Josh will be at a party tonight and invites her to join. He really likes Rebecca and wants to get to know her, but she only wants to talk about Josh. It doesn't take him long to realize Rebecca likes Josh Chan and he abruptly tells her Josh has a girlfriend and leaves the party.

Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!


Greg and Rebecca at the grocery store

Greg is at the grocery store with, White Josh and Hector when they bump into Rebecca Bunch . He hasn't seen her since their terrible date at the party and wants to start over. Also at the store is Josh and Valencia. Josh introduces Rebecca to Valencia as a friend from Summer Camp (leaving out their dating history) and Greg shocked to learn they've known each other for so long. After their run in Rebecca and Valencia become friends and a worried Josh goes to Greg for advice. Greg doesn't understand why he's so worried but reminds him that Valencia isn't a bonder and can't make friends. Greg, Josh, Rebecca and Valencia go to Spider's together, where Greg finds out Rebecca and Josh used to date. 

I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!

I Hope Josh Comes To My Party 0

Rebecca inviting Josh to her party

Rebecca invites Greg to her housewarming party which he turns down. Their track record has so far included a lot of crying and Greg doesn't want to continue the pattern. After hearing a lot of excitement over Rebecca's party he decides to check it out for himself and enjoys himself. Greg reconciles with Rebecca and is the last one to leave the party.

I'm Going on a Date With Josh's Friend!

I'm-Going on a Date With Josh's Friend 10

Greg and Rebecca singing "Settle for Me"

Greg finally asks Rebecca out or more specifically to "Settle for Me". After a black and white dance number, she says yes and they go to the West Covina Taco Festival. The date starts out fine with them laughing and surprisingly getting along, until Greg calls Rebecca a hypocrite and she finds it very offensive. Greg apologizes hoping to get back to their date, but Rebecca disappears to the washroom and never comes back.  She sends him a mysterious text that she's going home leading Greg to check on her. At her place a man is just on his way out and Rebecca is in her robe and clearly just had sex. Greg tries to understand why she would do this, but he can't and he leaves heartbroken.

Josh and I Are Good People!


Greg talking to Josh and Rebecca

When Greg sees Rebecca at Boba Hut all his resentment toward her returns and he calls her and Josh terrible people. His comment leads Rebecca to start being a better person and flaunt it in his face. She begs for him to forgive her, but he's still very angry. Rebecca doesn't give up on trying to be better and comes back to Home Base after helping her boss, Darryl win joint custody for his daughter. She realizes that she got caught up in being a good person and just wants his forgiveness. Greg forgives her and calls her a good friend.

My First Thanksgiving with Josh!

Greg feels stuck in West Covina and is ready to make a big change.  He's finally saved up enough money to move out, quit his job and go to business school. After quitting he tries to tell his dad he's moving out, but his dad passes out before he gets the chance. His emphysema has progressed to stage 2 and the treatment is going to cost him more and he can't afford paying for the medical bills and move out. Greg gets his job back and spends Thanksgiving with his dad in the hospital. Before the night's over he goes to Rebecca's place with tacos and tequilla and they talk all night. Rebecca suggests he goes to night school and Greg says he's been thinking about it.

I'm So Happy That Josh is So Happy!

Josh enlists the help of his friends, Greg , Hector and White Josh to build Valencia a table for their new apartment. Everyone besides Josh is against the idea and know for sure that Valencia will not like it, but Josh is optimistic. They spend all night building the table and subtly telling Josh how rude Valencia is, but he doesn't get it. When they finally surprise Valencia with the new table she says it doesn't match their apartment and asks them to take it apart and return it.

My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves!


The cast performing "California Christmastime"

While searching for Christmas gifts for his half-sibling Greg sees Heather . They met at Rebecca's housewarming party and haven't seen each other since. Greg complains about his mother's overly lavish Christmas eve dinner and Heather gets excited to have lavish food and invites herself along. Greg tells her his mom is horrible and spends the entire night being rude and condescending. Meanwhile, Heather enjoys his family and is having a lot of fun eating the food. Heather is getting annoyed with Greg's behavior and tells his mom that he's still not over the fact that she left him. When their parents divorced Greg's mom just left and he always been mad at her. With Heather's advice and a heart to heart Greg and his mom mend their relationship. The next day Greg and Heather are still hanging out and they share their first kiss.

I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends!


Greg and his friends are going on their annual trip to the beach with their new addition, Rebecca . As they plan for the trip Greg offers many new ideas to spice the usual events and Josh repeatedly turns them down. Josh is always controlling things and Greg doesn't want to do things Josh's way and follow all his rules. He stops the bus to pick up his girlfriend, Heather breaking Josh's rule on no newcomers. Greg introduces everyone to his new girlfriend and they spend the entire bus ride together. When Rebecca mentions she and Greg hooked up, Josh gets jealous. Greg is fed up with Josh's attitude and doesn't think he has the right to tell him who he can date. Josh apologizes for controlling everything and they make up.

I'm Back at Camp with Josh!

Heather and Greg have been dating for a while and Heather says to him "I like you a lot" and "I'm not seeing other guys anymore". Greg has a serious fear of commitment and when Heather starts to get serious he asks for some space. At a party at Darryl's place Greg sees his old high school crush, Ashley Pratt . They talk and have a really great time. Ashley calls him the kind of guy a girl could settle down with making him realize he needs to commit with Heather. He goes to the park to get her back and finally commits to the relationship.

That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!

Greg has a good relationship with Heather , and his life has only been getting better. However, he still has feelings for Rebecca and when he sees her shattered window, he wants to help in anyway possible. He comforts her in through a vulnerable time. Then, Greg notices a bag of takeout with Josh's name on it, suggesting he just left. It reminds him that he will always be second to Josh and leaves her to clean up her own mess.

Josh and I Work on a Case!

Greg and Valencia team up to not only expose Rebecca's craziness, but keep her away from Josh. They advise Josh not to do the case with her, but he doesn't listen. This forces them to expose her and find her "boyfriend" Trent and prove they aren't dating. They call him and get him to come to West Covina. When Rebecca goes to see Josh they spring Trent on her, in hopes to finally prove they're right

Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!

Greg gets a Heather a job alongside him at Home Base so they can spend more time together and possibly hook up in the stockroom. At work the Greater City Water Trial is being broadcast on TV, showing off Rebecca's skills. Greg is trying his best to avoid Rebecca, but Kevin boasts about her being a regular customer. Greg's feelings forRebecca are still there and seeing her succeed makes him beam with delight. Heather notices Greg weird behavior towards Rebecca, and figures out he still likes her. Heather doesn't want to be the girl he settle for and urges him to get Rebecca. The couple break up and Greg goes to Los Angeles to find Rebecca. Just as he reaches the courthouse he sees Josh and Rebecca kissing and leaves in disappointing.

Josh is Going to Hawaii!

Greg and Heather are still working together post break-up. Greg is proud of how mature their handling the situation, but as the day progresses Greg realizes Heather is mad at him. He thought everything was good between them, since she broke up with him. She explains that telling Greg to go after Rebecca was a test, and he wasn't suppose to choose Rebecca over her. Heather and Greg continue to work together, and Greg has to accept she needs some time to get use to the new situation.

Josh Has No Idea Where I Am!

Greg, Darryll, Paula and Josh are worried about Rebecca's whereabouts and aren't sure how to find her. Greg tells everyone to remain calm. Rebecca is known for being impulsive and unpredictable, and will probably come home at any time. Paula hacks into Rebecca's computer and finds one way tickets to New York. No one can believe Rebecca would leave them, and not even say goodbye. Greg is acting calm, but he's more worried than the rest of them and called every hospital in the area to make sure she wasn't hurt. Rebecca returns home and everyone can leave knowing she's fine.

Josh's Sister is Getting Married!

Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?

Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!'

Where Is Josh's Friend?

Since the events at Jayma's wedding Greg has been taking some time off from his friends to deal with personal issues. The day after the wedding he got a DUI and realized he was an alcoholic. He's been attending AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings ever since and is trying to get sober. He's also been taking a break from work and only a few people know where he's been. His dad has been very supportive, and even turned Rebecca away when she came searching for him.

When Will Josh See How Cool I am?

All Signs Point to Josh...Or Is It Josh's Friend?

When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?

Before leaving for Emory, Greg gets stopped by Rebecca at the airport. She tries to convince him, their relationship is worth saving and he admits to being in love with her, but insists on leaving. Greg thinks they've been bad for each other and this is the best option for both of them. Greg leaves West Covina in hopes of a brighter future.


Marco Serrano

Greg was raised by his father after his mother left at a very young age. Marco got sick with emphysema and Greg had to take care of him, stalling his education for a long time. They seem to have a very open relationship as he seemed to have a detailed knowledge of Greg and Rebecca's intimacy in "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!". 


Greg's mother Shawna left when he was very young. Greg never forgave her for leaving and not fighting for joint custody. This anger towards his mother caused him to treat her as a monster, even when she is being kind and genuine. In, My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves! Greg finally tells his mother he's mad at her and they hug it out. For the first time in years instead of calling her Shawna, Greg calls her mom.


Josh Chan

Greg and Josh have been friends since they were 5 and grew up together in West Covina. Greg and Josh both have feelings for the same girl and are jealous of each other. Greg liked Rebecca but he couldn't be with her if he was second pace to Josh. 


Rebecca Bunch

Greg and Rebecca first meet in "Josh Just Happens to Live Here! " Rebecca walks into Home Base in the middle of the day looking for Josh and ends up meeting Greg instead. Greg think's Rebecca is just his type, because she's pretty, smart and ignoring him. Greg asks Rebecca out to a party and she agrees to go, but only because Josh is supposed to be there. During their date Greg starts to realize Rebecca is more interested in Josh than him and tries to ditch her, only to be seduced. After a few very awkward make-out sessions Greg finally offers to drive her home when she starts crying while there making out. In "Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool! " Greg runs into Rebecca at the store and asks to start over, and once again is pushed aside when Josh shows up.  In "I'm Going on a Date With Josh's Friend!" Greg serenades Rebecca with a song titled "Settle For Me " and asks her out on their second date. They go to the West Covina Taco Festival and everything is going great until they get into an argument. Rebecca makes an impulsive decision to sleep with a stranger leaving Greg stranded. When Greg finds out he's hurt and confused. After finally getting over Josh in "Josh's sister is Getting Married! " Rebecca goes to Greg one last time to try and begin a relationship. They start sleeping together on a regular basis and Greg even gives Rebecca a UTI. Rebecca starts falling for Greg and he starts to back away. Greg and Rebecca go to Jayma's wedding together and Rebecca wants it to be a special and romantic evening. However, Greg thinks Rebecca is only interested in him when he acts like he doesn't care so, he spends the evening acting like a jerk. Rebecca is disappointed she isn't having the magical night she imagined and asks Greg if he has any feelings for her. Greg responds with, "I think you're cool." then passes out drunk. Rebecca is upset and disappointed and leaves Greg at the bar. Later that night Greg is throwing up into a garbage can and says, "I should've said I love you."



Heather and Greg at Boba Hut

Greg met Heather at Rebecca's housewarming party, but they didn't really talk till the Holidays. Greg was shopping for a Christmas gift for his half-siblings while Heather was working in the mall. Greg was comfortable around her  told her about his strained relationship with his mother and her overly lavish lifestyle. Heather invites herself to his Christmas eve dinner, where along with getting to know him helps mend the relationship between Greg and his mom. The next day they share their first kiss. They officially become girlfriend and boyfriend in, "I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends! " when Greg introduces Heather to his friends.In "I'm Back at Camp with Josh" Heather tells Greg he likes him a lot and is not dating other people anymore. The idea of commitment scares Greg and he tells her he needs space. After a talk with an old high school crush Greg is ready to commit and confesses he was scared of the people he loves leaving and has never been good at comitting. Heather forgives him and they continue dating. In, "Josh is Going to Los Angeles!" Heather realizes Greg still has unresolved feelings for Rebecca. She tells Greg she doesn't want to be someone he settle for and they break up. This was later revealed to have been a test, and Greg failed. Heather is upset with him, but they remain friends.



"God, I'm an idiot. What am I even doing here? I got caught up in Bunchsanity again, I'm a moron!" -Greg

[Greg picks up a baseball bat] Greg Serrano: Does this present say, "Our mom sucks but I'm gonna try very hard not to hold it against you?"

Heather Davis: No, it says you're old and still think kids play outside.

Whoop-de-feakin'-do, an A. What's an A? It's just a letter on the page meant to distract us from the pain. But it's not like any A can make a difference in the day. Sure I could get an A if I wanted an A, but who cares about an A? I don't. I don't care. Although I could have made that grade if I did care. But I don't. But I could if I wanted to! -Greg

"This is fun. I like this. Do you wanna hang out for a while and insult each other?" -Greg


  • At one point wanted to be a professional dodge ball player