I'm in a Sexy French Depression is sung by Rebecca Bunch with a false French accent in I'm So Happy That Josh is So Happy!. In this song, after watching a depressing French film, Rebecca sings about how sad she is now that Valencia has moved in with Josh.


Rebecca: My eyes are dark from sadness.
My lips are red from pain.
My bosom eaves with sobs.
I'm in a sexy French depression.
I walk, oh, so slowly.
I can only breathe and sigh. (sighs)
My bed smells like a tampon.
I'm in a sexy French depression.
J’ai acheté un livre sur John Wayne Gacy, en ligne.[1]
Je repasse mes vieilles conversations sur AOL Instant Messenger avec mon mec à la Fac.[2]
Je me branle sur un film porno en me demandant comment ces filles ont pu en arriver là.[3]
Ooh, chocolat!
I black out with dessert wine.
Oui. Je suis garbage.
This grout needs to be redone.
I'm in a sexy French depression.
Je peux résoudre mes problèmes en faisant des fixations sur tous mes cafouillages et toutes les façons de foutre en l’air ma vie au-delà de toute réparation.[4]
Si je réfléchis assez sérieusement je finirai par avoir la réponse, mais j’ai oublie quelle était la question.[5]
I'm in a sexy French depression.


  1. "I bought a book about John Wayne Gacy online."
  2. "I go through old AOL Instant Messenger conversations with my college boyfriend."
  3. "I watch porn but I can only fixate on what happened in the porn stars' lives to lead them to these careers."
  4. "My anxiety is so out of control that all I can think about is thinking about thinking about thinking about fixing everything I've ever done wrong and all of the ways I've already fucked up my life beyond repair."
  5. "If I think about it hard enough eventually I'll get the answer but I've forgotten what the question was."

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