"I Could If I Wanted To" is a song sung by Greg Serrano in the episode "Josh's Sister is Getting Married!". In this song, Greg laments how much he doesn't care. The song is all done in one continuous panning shot. Actor Santino Fontana tweeted that "I Could if I Wanted To" was shot in one take with a single camera using a long tracking shot without any cuts or edits. He also uploaded a behind the scenes photo of himself during production of the scene.


Whoop-dee-frickin'-doo, an A. What's an A?
It's just a letter on a page meant to distract us from the pain.
But it's not like any A can make a difference in the day.
Sure, I could get an A if I wanted to get an A,
But who cares about an A? I don't. I don't care.
Although, I coulda made that grade
If I did care. But I don't.
But I could if I wanted to.

Whoop-dee-frickin'-doo, look at this guy
In the red-and-blue-striped tie,
Makin' millions 'til he dies,
Sellin' bonds and stocks to other guys in ties,
Who have millions with which to buy a bunch of bonds and stocks and ties.
I'd rather die, which I will, eventually, of course.
But in the meantime, I could make millions
Sellin' bonds and stocks and ties if I tried.
But I don't.
But I could. But I don't.
But I could if I wanted to, yeah.
Yeah, I could if I wanted to. Who cares?

Whoop-dee-frickin'-doo, a happy dad
With his big dad calves and his stupid baseball cap
And his T-ball shirt and his dumbass son
Throwin' a ball, like it's so important to know how to throw a ball.
Who cares about throwin' a ball or havin' a kid?
It'll get ya nowhere in life.
Not like gettin' anywhere matters.
Although I guess it does if you care.
Which I don't!
But I could! But I don't!
But I could if I wanted to, yeah!
Whoop-dee-frickin'-doo if I wanted to!
This song sucks!
I could make it good if I wanted to, yeah!
Yeah, I could if I wanted to!

I could do that if I wanted to.
Woman: You're an idiot.