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What, I can't be in a bad mood? It's like people think, 'Oh Josh is such a nice guy, Josh is so happy-go-lucky! Josh can't be in a bad mood!' Well, you know what? Josh CAN be in a bad mood. And right now, Josh is be in a bad mood.
Josh Chan
Josh Chan - Character
Josh Chan in Season One

General Information
Gender: Male
Nationality: Filipino
Hair Color: Black
Height: 1.72 m
Address: West Covina, California (Hometown)

New York City (Formerly)

Occupation(s): Assistant Manager at Aloha Tech Center
Aliases: Joshy (by Valencia), Flip Flops/Water Cooler (by Nathaniel Plimpton)
Family & Friends
Family: Jayma Chan (Sister)
Lourdes Chan (Mother)
Aunt Myrna (Aunt)
Joseph Chan (Father)
Jastenity Chan (Sister)
Friends: Josh Wilson
Greg Serrano
Rebecca Bunch
Romances: Valencia Perez (Ex-Girlfriend)
Rebecca Bunch (Ex-Fiance)
Anna Hicks (ex-girlfriend)
Boss: Alex (Manager at Aloha Tech Center)
Other Information
Interests: Dancing, Video Games
Education: Northridge
Series Information
Episode Count: 31
First seen: Josh Just Happens to Live Here!
Last seen: Who's The Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?
Portrayer: Vincent Rodriguez III

Joshua Felix Chan is a main character on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Early Life

In 2005 Josh attended Camp Canyon Grove where he dated Rebecca Bunch. After a beautiful summer romance, Josh broke up with Rebecca on the last day of camp, calling her weird and over dramatic. 


Josh may not be the brightest person you'll meet, but he makes up for it with his kind personality. Among all of his friends, he's the only one who showed Rebecca any kindness when the secret behind why she really moved to West Covina was revealed. Josh is able to find the good in everyone which might explain his affection for Valencia , who is more on the mean side. Josh enjoys having fun and enjoying life and is described by the show's creator as an "Asian Bro". His personality mixed with his handsome looks makes him the ideal guy.


Josh Just Happens to Live Here!


Josh and Rebecca in New York City

Josh runs into his ex-girlfriend Rebecca on the streets of New York City. He tells her that he is moving back to his hometown, West Covina after 8 months of trying to make it in New York City. After Rebecca moves to West Covina, he texts her to meet up for dinner.

Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!

Josh and his girlfriend Valencia are on a late-night trip to the grocery store, when they run into Rebecca Bunch, his ex-girlfriend. Josh tells Valencia he and Rebecca went to summer camp together when they were 8 when they were actually 16. Josh didn't want Valencia getting jealous and asked Rebecca to keep their relationship a secret and avoid starting a friendship with her too. Rebecca insisted she wasn't a threat to their relationship. However, this didn't stop Josh from being nervous as their friendship grew. When Rebecca gets drunk at the club she accidentally tells Valencia that she used to date. Josh feels guilty about lying and tells Valencia everything, and they leave the club. The next day Josh apologizes to Rebecca for asking her to lie and they go out for dinner.

I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!

I Hope Josh Comes To My Party 04

Rebecca and Josh at her housewarming party

Josh and his friend White Josh go to Rebecca's place to fix her garbage disposal. Josh would have come alone, but since Rebecca tried to kiss Valencia , he's not allowed to. Rebecca invites Josh to her housewarming party and he uses his social media connections to get her a house full of guests. Josh decides he doesn't want Valencia controlling his life anymore and will hang out with Rebecca, regardless of what she thinks.

I'm Going on a Date With Josh's Friend!

After returning from a short vacation with Valencia, Josh needs to find a job. If he doesn't find one soon he'll be forced to work with his father at the radiation lab. Josh is having a hard time and goes to his happy place to make him feel better, the Aloha Tech Center. At the Tech Center, there is an opening for an assistant manager and Josh excitedly applies. With his dream job at stake Josh wants to make sure he gets the job, and asks Rebecca to write his application essay. Rebecca's essay makes Josh look too pretentious for a laid-back store and they turn him down. An outraged Rebecca yells at the manager till Josh is hired.

Josh and I are Good People!


Josh and Rebecca at Cup of Boba

Josh and Rebecca are at Cup of Boba flipping through a scrapbook from summer camp. Greg shows up and tells Rebecca she's a horrible person for what she did to him on their date. When Josh tries to defend her, Greg tells him he's just as horrible. In an effort to be a better person, Josh goes to confession. Among other sins Josh admits to being attracted to Rebecca. Father Brah suggests that for the next 24 hours he writes down all his sinful thoughts. The next day Josh shows Father Brah his list of sins. Father Brah tells him that sins are about your actions, not your thoughts. As long as he didn't act on any of these sinful thoughts, he's a good person. Josh and Rebecca meet up at Cup of Boba and he admits to being attracted to her. However, Josh says he's in love with Valencia and is committed to their relationship.

My First Thanksgiving With Josh!

Crazyex thanksgiving04

Josh, Valencia watching Rebecca hug his mom

Josh is spending Thanksgiving with his family and everyone's having a wonderful time, except Valencia. Valencia never really got along with the Chans, but Rebecca does and she's jealous. Josh and Valencia get into an argument about Rebecca. Valencia thinks Rebecca is trying to come in between them, but Josh says he only has eyes for her and they have make-up sex. Josh proves he loves Valencia by asking her to move in with him, in front of his entire family.

I'm So Happy That Josh is So Happy!

Josh and Valencia are moving into their new apartment. As a gift, Josh buys a table for Valencia. With the help of his friends, Josh spends all night assembling the table. After a hard night's work, the table still hasn't been assembled, but Josh doesn't give up. When Josh finally finishes the table he gives it to Valencia. Instead of being grateful, she says it doesn't go with the room and asks him to return it.

My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves!


The cast performing "California Christmastime"

It's Christmastime in West Covina, but instead of joining in the holiday cheer, Josh has to work a double shift. Josh meets a teenager who goes to his old high school. The teen is excited to meet the captain of the 2006 National Championship Hip Hop Team. He invites Josh to see his show in the mall today, but Josh needs to work and turns down the offer. Josh decides to give himself a Christmas gift and tells his boss he has the flu, so he can watch their performance. When the teenager hurts his ankle Josh fills in for him reliving his old days on the dance floor. Even though he had fun, it helps him realize he isn't a teenager anymore. He's an adult, with adult responsibilities and he needs to start acting like one.

I'm Going to the Beach With Josh and His Friends!


Rebecca, Josh and Valencia

Josh and his friends are taking their annual trip to the beach. Greg wants to invite his new girlfriend, Heather, but the group rule is no newcomers.This changes when Valencia invites Rebecca regardless of the rule and Josh allows it. Josh is excited when Rebecca shows up with a party bus. Once again he lets them change the rules and take the party bus, instead of the usual car. Greg is annoyed that the group follows Josh and everyone listens to him. On the bus Josh and Valencia make out away from the group. Greg stops the bus to pick up Heather, breaking the rules and upsetting Josh. Rebecca is feeling left out of the group and decides to pole dance for everyone. Valencia tells Josh that Rebecca did this just to get his attention and tries to prove once again that she moved here for him and she is crazy. Rebecca tries to prove she's not into Josh by listing all the people she's hooked up with since moving to West Covina . When Rebecca mentions she hooked up with Greg, Josh gets jealous. Josh thinks Greg's always keeps secrets and thinks he's better than everyone. Greg calls Josh, controlling and bossy. Valencia interrupts their argument and switches their focus back to Rebecca and forces her to admit why she moved to West Covina. Rebecca admits that she moved here because of the conversation she had with Josh in New York, but doesn't admit to being in love with him). In their conversation, Josh kept saying the words "happy" and "West Covina" and Rebecca wanted to be happy too, so she moved to West Covina. The group thinks Rebecca's confession is crazy, but Josh understands her . He lived in New York too and understands how West Covina is a happier place to be and doesn't think she's crazy at all. They join hands and sing a reprise of "West Covina ".

I'm Back at Camp with Josh!


Josh reading Rebecca's letter

Josh is going camping with a group of disadvantaged teenagers. Every year he volunteers as a counselor on their overnight trip to Riverside. Valencia thinks he should stay and work, and get serious about his life,but Josh thinks this is more important. Rebecca hears about the camping trip and decides to volunteer with him. At the camp Josh and Rebecca meet up at Blowie Point to take a selfie under the sunset. While they're waiting for the sun to set, Rebecca reads Josh a love letter from when they dated. Josh thinks the letter is funny and laughs, hurting Rebecca's feelings. She stops reading, and throws out the letter. Josh couldn't stop thinking about it and went back to get the letter. He tells Rebecca that no has ever understood him, believed in him and supported him like she does and keeps the letter as a reminder that he is worth something.

That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!


Josh and Rebecca cleaning up glass

Josh comes back from Tae Kwan Do class and finds Rebecca inside his apartment. Rebecca is frantic and says that someone broke into her house and threw a rock through her window. She came here to be with him and Valencia. Josh doesn't know how she managed to get inside the apartment, but is more concerned with her window and how's she's feeling. They go back to Rebecca's place to see the damage. Josh calls the cops to investigate the attempted burglary and Rebecca starts freaking out. Using her knowledge of the law and a lot of talking Rebecca gets the officer to leave. While cleaning up the broken glass, Josh finds the rock that was thrown through the window. The rock says ever on it and goes with Rebecca's Happily Ever After rock set, on her table. That would mean whoever broke in, came inside the house, took the rock, then went outside to throw it inside the house. Josh has no idea what is happening and leaves.

Josh and I Work on a Case!

Josh is at the auto body shop when he runs into Rebecca. They haven't spoken since the confusion at he apartment a few weeks ago. Rebecca mentions her new boyfriend, Trent and a coupon she has to Jalapeño Jacks . The coupon expires tonight so they plan to meet up for dinner. Josh secretly invites his friends, Hector , Ken , Beans and White Josh to avoid being alone with Rebecca . Since the incident, he has felt uncomfortable around her. The following day Rebecca shows up at Josh's apartment with a preposition. At dinner Josh mentioned their was no hot water in their apartment and Rebecca thinks they can sue his landlord. Josh thinks it's a great idea, but Valencia isn't so sure. Josh tells Greg about the case and he thinks Rebecca's using it to get close to him. Rebecca gets everyone in the building to sign up and Josh decides to ignore Valencia and Greg and take the case. Rebecca and Josh grow closer as they work together. After a trip into the sewer systems, Rebecca goes to his apartment with big news, but before she gets to tell him she's ambushed by Valencia , Greg and her "boyfriend" Trent.

Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!

Valencia and Greg are at Josh's apartment with Rebecca's boyfriend Trent. Valencia and Greg thought their relationship was fake but were proved wrong when Trent and Rebecca shared a long kiss. After the confusion was cleared up, Rebecca tells Josh about a lead in their case against Greater City Water. She discovered a conspiracy that could get Josh even more money than estimated. Josh and Rebecca continue to work on the case getting plaintiffs from all over the San Gabriel Valley. Lawyers form Greater City Water try to intimidate them to drop the case, but Rebecca is confident they can win. Josh and everyone on the case travels to Los Angeles for the trial. Greater City Water discredits their number one witness, causing them to loose the case. Rebecca feels like she let everyone down, but Josh is proud of her for giving everyone hope and trying her best. Josh puts his hand on her cheek and they share a passionate kiss.

Josh is Going to Hawaii!

After Josh kisses Rebecca he goes to Father Brah for advice. He feels bad for betraying Valencia's trust and has no idea what to do. Father Brah suggests he goes to Valencia, tells her what happened and hopes that she forgives him. Before talking to Valencia he talks to Rebecca . He tells her that the kiss was a mistake and that he's planning on telling Valencia . Josh is scared Valencia will break-up with him, but knows it's the right thing to do. Surprisingly Valencia forgives him because her love for him is stronger than her jealously towards Rebecca. Josh cancels his trip to Hawaii, so they can work on their relationship.

Josh Has No Idea Where I Am!

Josh goes to Rebecca's place looking for her, but instead finds Paula in a bathrobe. He asks her if she knows where Rebecca is and they realize, they both have no idea. As time passes, Darryl and Greg come over also wandering where Rebecca is. They get fed up with waiting and Paula hacks into her emails to find answers. Rebecca purchased plane tickets to New York and thinks Rebecca is leaving them. The news saddens them and they reminisce all the good she's done in their lives. Unexpectedly Rebecca comes home, for good and the group leaves, leaving Josh and Rebecca alone. Josh asks Rebecca why she has a stack of pictures of him, and most importantly; are you in love with me?

Josh's Sister is Getting Married!

The episode takes up right where they left off with Josh asking Rebecca , if she's in love with him. She agrees to having past feeling, but insists they're all gone. A few days later Josh unexpectedly shows up at Rebecca's apartment. Josh tries to talk to her, but she tells him to focus on Valencia and kicks him out.

Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?


Josh is at Home Base when Rebecca walks in acting cute with Greg . Heather states the obvious, they're sleeping together and Josh gets annoyed. He can't believe Rebecca would even like Greg . At the Dojo, Josh expresses his anger through a very angry song. Josh can't understand why he is in a such a bad mood, and for the first time turns down sex with Valencia . Later he hangs out with Father Brah , who notices his crabby mood. Father Brah helps him realize he's jealous of Rebecca and Greg , but has no right to because he chose Valencia . Josh can't seem to let this go and rushes to the hospital after news that Rebecca is ill and is surprised to see Greg there too.The doctor explains Rebecca is fine, and just has a UTI. This shocks, Paula and Josh, not knowing she was sleeping with anyone. Rebecca and Greg finally admit their sleeping together upsetting, both their best friends.

Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!

Josh runs into Rebecca at a jewelry store, where he was looking for engagement rings. In an awkward conversation Rebecca congratulates him and they plan to see each other at Jayma's wedding. At the wedding Josh is taken away with how beautiful Rebecca is, comparing her to a princess. Josh tells Rebecca, Greg isn't right for her; he's dark and she's sweet. He doesn't want her to get hurt. Later on in the wedding Josh is outraged when Valencia tries to force him to propose. She even gets his aunt to bring the family ring. They get into an argument about marriage and Valencia is fed up with waiting. After 15 years of and off and on relationship they officially break up. Josh runs to find Rebecca and shows her the letter she wrote to him from camp, he's been carrying it with him since he read it. They leave the wedding and have sex in a car, finally together. Then Rebecca admits that she moved to West Covina for Josh and he looks confused.

Where Is Josh's Friend?


Josh and Rebecca

15 minutes after Rebecca told Josh she moved to West Covina for him they are driving in silence. Rebecca acts as if she didn't mean it and brushes it off. Now that, Josh and Valencia are no longer dating, Rebecca and Josh explore a very sexual relationship. He lets Valencia have their apartment and has been sleeping on Rebecca's couch ever since. Rebecca tries to get him to sleep in her bed, but he feels like he's betraying Greg, since they never officially broke up. He decides to move in with his mom so, it's less awkward between him and Rebecca. He tells her he doesn't want to date until Greg and her are officially over, but they continue having sex anyways.

When Will Josh See How Cool I am?


Josh, Heather and Greg

Greg is back and he has an announcement; he's an alcoholic. Josh is shocked by this new development and it puts him in a conflicted situation. Should he tell Greg about him in Rebecca or not? Josh doesn't want to threaten Greg's sobriety, but he also wants to tell the truth. He decides to tell Greg and he takes it surprisingly well. He's understanding and forgives Josh. After a while, Greg goes missing and everyone blames Josh for telling him the truth too soon. Greg turns up okay and Josh is glad he's alright. Meanwhile Josh and Rebecca are still living together, but aren't romantically involved. Rebecca lies to Josh so they can spend more time together, but Josh doesn't notice her.

All Signs Point to Josh...Or Is It Josh's Friend?


Greg,Rebecca and Josh in bed together

Josh gets 17 texts from Rebecca urging him to come home quickly. When he gets home Rebecca is all over him, and they make out on the table. He knocks over some things including pregnancy medication. Josh notices the pill bottle and Rebecca announces him she's pregnant. Rebecca goes on and on about their miracle child, possible baby names and their destiny together. She takes a quick washroom break while Josh just sits still, stunned and speechless. Rebecca gets back from the washroom and confirms she just got her period and is definitely not pregnant. Rebecca quickly moves on from the baby and jumps to having period sex. Josh feels overwhelmed and can't handle their relationship anymore and says his life just flashed before his eyes. He breaks up with her and leaves, forever. Also leaving is his best friend Greg. Josh and his friends go to the airport to say bye. Josh is having a hard time saying goodbye, but he knows that this is what Greg wants.

When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?

Josh runs into Rebecca on the street and barely recognizes her. She had a complete makeover and he mistakes it for a costume. He tells Rebecca he's taking a break from technology and hasn't seen any of her posts.

Why is Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?


Rebecca, Josh and Valencia

A lonely Josh has been using his extra time to organize the office. The more time he spends alone the darker his thoughts become. Hiss boss, Alex sends him to "The Electric Mesa" to fix the stereo and he runs into both his exes who, pee on his equipment in anger. After fixing the stereo Josh meets Anna. He immediately falls for her and debates weather or not he should call her.

Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?

Josh is in the backroom waiting for his boss when Trent walks in. He recognizes him as Rebecca's ex-boyfriend and wonders what he's doing in West Covina . They plan to see meet up at Home Base to watch the playoffs with White Josh and Hector . During the playoff's Trent acts very awkwardly, but Josh is too busy texting Anna ,to notice. White Josh and Hector can't handle being around Trent anymore and abruptly leave. Still texting Anna , Josh follows.

Who's The Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?

Anna brings Josh to this hip coffee place where he surprises her with a new collar, for her cat Gravy. Josh tells Anna that he's never felt this way about someone before and surprises her with flowers at work.


Greg Serrano

Best Friend


Greg and Josh

Josh and Greg have been best friends since they were 5. Greg was the first friend he ever made. They grew up together in West Covina and Greg was one of the reason Josh was excited to move back home. However, Josh and Greg don't have a perfect relationship. In "I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends!". Josh likes everything to be his way and Greg has had enough and they get into a fight on the party bus. They apologize in the end because their friendship is more important. Josh is also jealous of Greg and Rebecca's relationship. Just knowing they've hooked up causes him discomfort. In Season 2, Greg leaves West Covina to go back to school. Josh feels likes he's been a terrible friend recently especially after sleeping with his ex, but Greg forgives him before he leaves showing how strong their relationship is

Father Brah



Josh and Father Brah

When ever Josh has any problems he goes to Father Brah for help. He helps him view things clearer and make smarter decisions. Josh trusts Father Brah and is the only person he confides in about his feelings towards Rebecca


Valencia Perez



Josh and Valencia at the market.

Josh and Valencia have been dating on and off since High School.  Josh moved back to his hometown, West Covina to be with her. In "I'm So Happy That Josh is So Happy! " Josh and Valencia moved in together and their relationship became more serious. Josh loves Valencia, however Valencia doesn't seem to understand his lifestyle choices and is much more mature than Josh. For years Valencia has been pushing Josh to propose, but he just isn't ready yet.[Valencia] broke up with Josh in the Season 1 finale when she finally gave up on waiting for him to commit. After their breakup Josh lets Valencia have their apartment. In "Why is Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?" Valencia voices her anger towards Josh and pees on his work equipment as a form of empowerment.

Rebecca Bunch


Read more at Josh and Rebecca

Rebecca and Josh in 2005

Rebecca and Josh in 2005.

In 2005, Josh dated Rebecca while he was on a break with Valencia . Josh breaks up with Rebecca on the last day of summer camp after she professes her love to him. 10 years later Josh meets Rebecca  on the streets of New York City and they have a quick conversation, where Josh mentions he's moving back to his hometown, West Covina . To Josh's surprise Rebecca shows up in West Covina and they start hanging out as friends. They create a lie that they met in summer camp when they were 8, instead of 16 to avoid Valencia getting jealous. Josh had no idea of Rebecca's true feeling towards him and continues to date Valencia. Josh does have some romantic feelings towards Rebecca which are shown when he admits to Father Brah that he finds Rebecca attractive. Also in "I'm Back at Camp with Josh! ", Josh realizes Rebecca is the only one who understands him and keeps her love letter from summer camp. After breaking up with Valencia, Josh gets together with Rebecca in the Season 1 finale and cuddles her in a car. Josh finds out Becca came to West Covina only for him and has a doubt about her. In Season 2 , Josh and Rebecca continue having casual sex and Josh starts to sleep over more often. He pratically lives with her. In, "All Signs Point to Josh...Or Is It Josh's Friend? Josh ends their relationship, because it was never suppose to be so serious.

Anna Hicks


Anna and Josh


Josh meets Anna at The Electric Mesa after fixing the stereo. She thanks him for his hardwork and Josh gets mesmerized by her looks. Josh calls her and they start texting and growing closer. In, "Who's The Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?" they have been dating for 3 weeks and Josh feels something special between them. He says he's never, ever felt this way about someone.



  • "But recently someone said something to me, I don't want to say who...Greg . On one level, I didn't think it was true, but on another level, it is true. So there are, like, two things going on in my brain right now."
  • I'm just afraid you're going to get hurt. I've known Greg since I was five, and I love the dude, but he's complicated. He quits on things as soon as they get hard. Did you know he wanted to be a professional dodge-ball player? And we're not even allowed to ask him about that now!
  • "What, I can't be in a bad mood? It's like people think, 'Oh Josh is such a nice guy, Josh is so happy-go-lucky! Josh can't be in a bad mood!' Well, you know what? Josh CAN be in a bad mood. And right now, Josh is be in a bad mood."


  • Josh danced on his High School dance team
  • He is Filipino-American and has a large Filipino family
  • Goes to the skate-park on Saturdays with his cousin
  • Salt makes Josh bloat
  • Captain and Champion of the 2006 National Hip-Hop Team
  • Famous dance move the "swoop bye-bye"