"Josh Just Happens to Live Here!"
Season 1, Episode 1
Episode Information
Premiere date: October 12, 2015
Viewers: 0.90 [1]
Written by: Rachel Bloom & Aline Brosh McKenna
Directed by: Marc Webb
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "N/A"
Next Episode: "Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!"
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“Josh Just Happens to Live Here!" is the first episode of Season 1 of The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It was written by Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna and directed by Marc Webb. It is the first episode of the series overall, and premiered on October 12, 2015. "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!" attracted 0.90 Million Viewers.


In the pilot episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend we meet Rebecca Bunch, a twenty-six year old lawyer who has just received a promotion to junior partner at a prestigious law firm in New York City. Rebecca's life is going great, but she isn't really happy. As an effort to find happiness Rebecca gives up her job at a prestigious law firm and moves to West Covina, California, in hopes of finding love and happiness. Oh, and her ex-boyfriend Josh, just happens to live here.She meets Greg, a friend of Josh's, who invites her to a party and tells her that Josh has a girlfriend. Meanwhile, a middle-aged paralegal at her new workplace, Paula, finds out Rebecca's reason for moving out of New York, and confronts her about being obsessed. Paula tells Rebecca that she is in love, and calls her brave, not crazy.


Song Sung By Happened
West Covina Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) When Rebecca decides to move to West Covina
The Sexy Getting Ready Song Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) When Rebecca gets ready to see Josh
West Covina (reprise) Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) and Paula Proctor (Donna Lynne Champlin) When Paula calls Rebecca brave, for wanting to see Josh


  • Rebecca BunchGo to Rebecca Bunch
  • Josh ChanGo to Josh Chan
  • Greg SerranoGo to Greg Serrano



Memorable Quotes

Rebecca Bunch: Where are you from again?

Josh Chan: West Covina, California.

Rebecca Bunch: I remember that - that's near the beach, right?

Josh Chan: Yeah, only two hours... well, four in traffic.

Nipsey Hussle: God, what? This is how you get ready? This is horrifying. Like, a scary movie or some, nasty ass patriarchal [bleep]. You know what? I gotta go apologize to some bitches. I'm forever changed after what I just seen.

Greg : Why don't we just go [to the party] together?

Rebecca : Great, yeah okay, so you'll come to a car?

Greg : Yes, like a date, cause you're pretty and you're smart and you're ignoring me, so you're obviously my type.

Rebecca : I'm sorry, what were you saying?

Greg : Perfect

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