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Because he looks like Josh but he's white.
Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson

General Information
Gender: Male
Address: West Covina, California
Occupation(s): Trainer at 24 Hour Gym
Aliases: "White Josh" by everyone

"Whi-Jo" by Josh Chan, Darryl Whitefeather and Rebecca Bunch

Family & Friends
Friends: Josh Chan

Greg Serrano
Rebecca Bunch

Romances: Darryl Whitefeather(Boyfriend)

Carl (Ex-Boyfriend) Ben (Ex-Boyfriend) Jerry(Ex-Boyfriend) Frank(Ex-Boyfriend) Len (Ex-Boyfriend)

Series Information
Episode Count: 14
First seen: Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!
Last seen: Can Josh Take a Leap of Faith?
Portrayer: David Hull

Josh "White Josh" Wilson is a recurring character on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend . He's close friends with JoshGreg and Chris . White Josh and Darryl have also started a relationship. Josh is a very chill guy. He is portrayed by David Hull.


Josh is very laid back and relaxed. He's a kind and caring person who's always there for a friend in need. This is shown in "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh! " when Greg was drunk and he helps him out. White Josh is also very insightful and gives good advice for relationships and fitness. At times he can come off as judgy, but it is always for the person's best interest.


Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!

Greg introduces White Josh and Hector to the new girl in town, Rebecca Bunch.

I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!

White Josh and Josh go to Rebecca's apartment to fix her garbage disposal. White Josh only came because Josh's girlfriend doesn't want him to be alone with Rebecca. While fixing the garbage disposal, White Josh notices a bunch of chicken was dumped down the disposal, almost like Rebecca tried to break it, (which she did). He fixes the disposal anyways and they leave. Later in the episode, Rebecca invites White Josh and Hector to her housewarming party, but their in Redondo for a Surf Championship.

I'm So Happy That Josh is So Happy!

White Josh, Hector and Greg help Josh assemble a table for Valencia . They all think it's a bad idea, since Valencia is very picky, but Josh wants to do something nice for her. They spend all night working on it and it's not even closed to finish. White Josh and Greg want to give up and try to subtly tell Josh they don't even like Valencia and think he'd be better off without her. Josh doesn't give up and after a long night they finally finish. They surprise Valencia with the table, but instead of being happy and grateful she hates it. She asks them to take apart and return it, so they can get the right table.

I'm Going to the Beach With Josh and His Friends!


White Josh and his friends, just got back for the movie theater and are planning their trip to the beach. They take this trip every year and everyone is really looking forward to it. On the day of the trip Rebecca shows up with a party bus and everyone's psyched to ride it. On the bus Rebecca tries to get to know White Josh, but when he realizes she's not paying attention he goes to the washroom. When he gets out of the washroom there's a new guy on the bus, Darryl Whitefeather. Darryl remembers him from the gym, where he works and they spend the rest of the ride talking about fitness.

I'm Back at Camp with Josh!

Greg is talking about his relationship problems with Hector and White Josh. Greg thinks he and Heather are moving to quickly and he isn't prepared for such a commitment. Hector and White Josh think Greg is a commitment-phobe. White Josh tells Greg, "I think your behavior reflects a deep-seated fear that if you love somebody, she'll leave you. It's probably rooted in your childhood trauma.". Greg disagrees with their advice and sticks to his plan to give her space. Darryl walks into Home Base and sees them hanging out. They tell Darryl about this fight they wanted to watch, but it was on pay-per-view and too expensive. Darryl says he was also planning on watching the game and invites them over for a small party. They watch the fight for a little and then get bored and decide to bail. Darryl insists they stay and says there are more guests coming. In no time the party is flooded with women and they even see their old friend from high school, Ashley Pratt . As the party comes to an end White Josh stays behind to help clean up. Darryl and White Josh chat a little and become friends. On his way out White Josh kisses him on the cheek.

Josh and I Work on a Case!

White Josh, Hector , Beans and Ken crash Rebecca and Josh's dinner at Jalapeño Jack. They sing "Group Hang " describing their night, whilst having a large meal.Later at the gym, White Josh is training Darryl and the go for a
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Group Hang The CW-002:39

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Group Hang The CW-0

White Josh and his friends sing "Group Hang"

break. Darryl brings up their last encounter at his party, when White Josh kissed him on the cheek. White Josh tells Darryl he's gay and kissed him because he thought he was gay too. Darryl can't believe White Josh thinks he's gay and insists he's straight and leaves mid-session. After firing White Josh as his trainer, Darryl comes back to tell him he's not gay or straight, he's "bothsexual" and kisses White Josh.

Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!

Darryl goes to the gym to see White Josh and ask him out on a date, but doesn't want to go anywhere people they know might see them. White Josh doesn't want to go back into the closet for Darryl or anyone, and isn't willing to keep their relationship secret. White Josh goes to Los Agneles to support Darryl on his case against Greater City Water, but just as friends. After they loose the case Darryl apologizes to White Josh for asking him to hide their relationship and announces on the street that he is a bisexual man who has crush on White Josh and they go out for drinks.

Josh is Going to Hawaii!

Josh and Darryl go out on their first real date to a fancy restaurant. Darryl wants White Josh to meet his co-workers and have a dinner party or something, but White Josh thinks he needs to relax. White Josh suggests Darryl goes out and dates other people, and Darryl becomes even more tense. After a while of not seeing each other White Josh and Darryl bump into each other at Boba Hut. Darryl talks about the last two dates he went on, but would rather be dating White Josh. So, the couple start over and are now officially dating.

Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!

Darryl White Josh

Darryl Whitefeather and White Josh

White Josh and Darryl go to Jayma's wedding together in matching tuxedoes. White Josh is concerned  about his friend Greg who's on a date with Rebecca , but is more into getting drunk the his date. When Greg passes out at the bar, White Josh gets him an Uber home. White Josh and Darryl spend the rest of the night together, holding hands and having a great time.

Where Is Josh's Friend?


Darryl kissing White Josh

White Josh has been spending all his free time with his boyfriend, Darryl Whitefeather. As their relationship becomes more serious, Darryl gives him the key to his apartment.

When Will Josh See How Cool I am?


Josh Chan, White Josh and Hector

Greg calls all of his friends together to tell them he's an alcholic. White Josh isn't surprised and wants to do everything he can to tell starting with not drinking around him.


Greg Serrano


White Josh and Greg have been friends since High School. White Josh knows Greg very well and tries to advise him to pick better choices. In, "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh! " White Josh watches out for Greg the entire night and gets him an Uber ride home after he passes out, showing how much he cares for his friend. 
Hector Josh Greg

Hector, White Josh and Greg



White Josh and Hector have been friends since High School. They get along well together and often hang out at Home Base.

Josh Chan

White Josh and Josh are close friends, but Josh doesn't always tell him things. Josh things White Josh is judgy and doesn't like having his opinions on his life.


Darryl Whitefeather


Darryl White Josh

Josh and Darryl first meet on a trip to the beach. They instantly become friends when Darryl shows an interest in Josh's fitness. They hang out again a second time when Darryl throws a little party to watch a fight. Josh stays behind to help Darryl clean up after the party and starts to flirt with Darryl. Before he leaves, Josh kisses Darryl on the cheek leaving him shocked and happy. Later on Darryl hires Josh as his trainer, but really he wants to figure out the truth behind the kiss. Josh explains to Darryl that he is an openly gay man, which shocks Darryl because he doesn't look like it. Josh assumed Darryl was gay because he was giving him "gay vibes". Darryl disagrees there is even a possibility and storms out. After a fitness class Darryl discovers he is bisexual and tells Josh, and is so excited he kisses him. After the kiss Darryl tries to keep their new relationship quiet because he's not ready to show the world. Josh understands, but he's not going to go back in the closet for him or anybody. After a while Darryl is ready to tell the world and kisses Josh publicly in Los Angeles. They continue dating and in "Where Is Josh's Friend?" Darryl gives him the keys to his apartment. White Josh is always hanging around the office to spend time with Darryl, but he still hasn't met his faughter. IN, Why is Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?" they got to the Eletric Mesa where Darryl meets a few of White Josh's exes. Darryl accuses White Josh of having a fetish for older guys, but White Josh says he just likes mature guys. He asks Darryl why he hasn't met his daughtter yet, and wonders if he's just Darry's midlife crisis. He wants Darryl to treat him more seriously. Darryl apologizes and says he wasn't sure if he was ready to mmet her because a kid is such a big deal. Darryl sets up a meeting for White Josh and Madison and she seems to like him.



Carl, White Josh and Darryl Whitefeather


Carl and White Josh used to date, but Josh was never really into him, they remain friends.



  • Josh came out at 12 years old and has been openly gay since
  • They call him White Josh, because he's white and looks like Josh Chan
  • When he was 6 he was a fat kid and so when he turned 7 he decided to become fit
  • First favorite excercise was kettle bell swing, second was the farmer's carry
  • He can do 57 pull-ups
  • He was the social director of his fraternity
  • Josh often wears tank tops
  • Josh is physically fit

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