My ass'll hang out when I say it should. I am the captain of my own ass!
Marco Serrano
Marco Serrano

General Information
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5' 11" (180 cm)
Address: West Covina, California
Occupation(s): Restaurant Owner (Former)
Family & Friends
Family: Greg Serrano (son)
Romances: Shawna (Ex-Wife)
Series Information
Episode Count: 4
First seen: My First Thanksgiving With Josh!
Last seen: All Signs Point to Josh...Or Is It Josh's Friend?
Portrayer: Robin Thomas

Marco Serrano is a recurring character on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. He is Greg Serrano's father. Before becoming ill Marco ran a restaurant called "Serrano's Trattoria". After being diagnosed with emphysema he moved in with his son, Greg so he could help him through his illness. He is portrayed by Robin Thomas .


Greg Serrano


When Greg was young Marco and his wife, Shawna got divorced. He stayed with Greg while Shawna started her own family. Eventually Greg started his own life and moved out, until Marco was diagnosed with emphysema. After his diagnosis Greg moved back home to help him with his everyday needs and put his education on hold. Greg cares for his father and is scared to leave him to go his own way. They also share intimate details about each others live including Greg's complicated relationship with Rebecca . They can rely on each other in all situations and are really close. Marco was there for Greg when he went going through rough times as he confronted his alcoholism.


[Greg signs off on expensive medical treatments for his father]

Marco Serrano: I know what you did. One of the nurses ratted you out. You spend all of your savings? On me? Why? I'm a lost cause! Run, like your mother did. Save yourself - and the macaws!

Greg Serrano: You need those treatments.

Marco Serrano: You gotta go to school. Move out! It's time. Greg Serrano: Don't you tell me what to do. I make my own decisions, thank you very much, and I'm not going anywhere. Sorry. Don't fight me on this. Look at you, old man. You lose! You have tubes in your face!

Marco Serrano: You know what my father would've done if I'd talked to him like that?

Greg Serrano: He probably would've said, "Thank you for saving my life, son."

Greg Serrano: I brought your robe. I know you hate that these hospital gowns leave your ass hanging out.

Marco Serrano: My ass'll hang out when I say it should. I am the captain of my own ass!

Marco Serrano: Oh, man, this crazy bitch!

Rebecca Bunch: Wow, that was barely under your breath.


  • He has Macaws
  • He smokes, and drinks alcohol regardless of his condition
  • His emphysema has progressed to stage 2

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