General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6 feet
Address: West Covina, California
Occupation(s): Grocery Clerk at Country Market
Aliases: "Huge Fro Guy"
Family & Friends
Friends: Greg Serrano

Rebecca Bunch

Romances: Ally (Crush)
Enemies: Brody
Other Information
Education: Harvard
Series Information
Episode Count: 2
First seen: Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!
Last seen: Josh's Sister is Getting Married!
Portrayer: Hunter Stiebel

Marty is a recurring character on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. He works at the Country Market in West Covina. He is portrayed by Hunter Stiebel .

Season One

Marty works at the Country Market grocery store in West Covina, with Brody and Ally. He becomes friends with Rebecca and Greg after meeting them at the store and again at the local club, Spider's




Marty has a crush on his co-worker Ally, but she has a crush on their co-worker Brody. Marty's crush mirrors the love triangle between Rebecca, Josh and Greg. Marty is similar to Greg, chasing after a girl who ignores him, which is why Greg feels the need to help him get his dream girl. With Greg's mentoring, Marty writes and sings a song to Ally titled, "Clean Up on Aisle Four ". The song is sweet and funny, but Ally is more interested in Brody's cartwheels.



  • “Cause I’m the pimiento to your olive, I want to be inside of you, but instead my heart is on the floor, being crushed like the garlic we sell by the door"

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