"My First Thanksgiving With Josh!"
My First Thanksgiving With Josh!
Season 1, Episode 6
Episode Information
Premiere date: November 16, 2015
Viewers: 0.89
Written by: Rene Gube
Directed by: Joanna Kerns
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "Josh and I Are Good People!"
Next Episode: "I'm So Happy That Josh is So Happy!"
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Would I like to go to the Chan’s? Would I like to be surrounded by the unconditional love of a hundred Filipinos? Of course I would.
"My First Thanksgiving With Josh!" is the sixth episode of Season One of The CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It was written by Rene Gube and directed by Joanna Kerns. "My First Thanksgiving with Josh!" is the sixth episode of the series overall and premiered on November 16, 2015. "My First Thanksgiving with Josh!" attracted 0.89 million views.


Paula helps Rebecca to get invited to Thanksgiving with Josh's family and Valencia. Rebecca sucks up to his parents and they prefer her over Valencia, but Josh asks Valencia to move in together. Greg feels stuck and quits his job, to move out from his dad's and go to business school, but when his father is admitted into the hospital and requires expensive treatment, he asks to have his bar job back. Eventually, Rebecca and Greg end up alone together.


Song Sung by Happened
I Give Good Parent Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) Rebecca sings the song as she prepare to go to the Chans' for Thanksgiving
What'll It Be? Greg Serrano (Santino Fontana) Greg sings the song in the bar when he plays the non-existent piano




Memorable Quotes

Rebecca Bunch: Everyone belongs somewhere but me.

Paula Proctor: That's silly, honey, you've got family back home in New York.

Rebecca Bunch: I mean, not really. My dad bailed, my mom's a misery, I ate my twin in the womb. I really don't wanna go home for the holidays, it's the last place I wanna be.

Paula Proctor: Like I said, you are more than welcome to my apocalypse of a Thanksgiving. I mean, pull up a chair and enjoy Scott's racist uncle... You ate your twin?

Rebecca Bunch: I mean, medically speaking I didn't eat it, I just metabolized its body parts for my own use.

Rebecca: Would I like to go to the Chan’s? Would I like to be surrounded by the unconditional love of a hundred Filipinos? Of course I would.

Chris [To Rebecca]: You don’t know? The Chans don’t like Valencia because Asians don’t like dumb people. 

Greg Serrano: I brought your robe. I know you hate that these hospital gowns leave your ass hanging out.

Marco Serrano: My ass'll hang out when I say it should. I am the captain of my own ass!

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