Paula Proctor
Paula Proctor - Character
Paula Proctor in Season 1

General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Red
Height: 5' 3½" (1.61 m)
Address: Buffalo (Former)

West Covina, California

Occupation(s): Paralegal at Whitefeather & Associates

Law School Student

Aliases: "Pamela" by Jim and Tim
Family & Friends
Family: Scott Proctor (Husband)

Tommy Proctor (Son)
Brendan Proctor (Son)

Friends: Rebecca Bunch(Best Friends)

Mrs. Hernandez (Co-worker) Sunil (Classmate)

Romances: Scott Proctor (Husband)

Calvin Young (Almost Affair)

Boss: Darryl Whitefeather
Enemies: Tim
Series Information
First seen: Josh Just Happens to Live Here!
Last seen: Who's The Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?
Portrayer: Donna Lynne Champlin

Paula Proctor is a main character on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. She is a mother figure to Rebecca. She is potrayed by Donna Lynne Champlin .


Josh Just Happens to Live Here!

Paula is suspicious of Rebecca's behavior, and can't figure out why a rich lawyer like her, moved to West Covina . She searches through Rebecca's computer history and finds out she's internet stalking a man named, Josh Chan.  Paula puts the pieces together and figures out Rebecca moved to West Covina because she's in love with him. She tells Rebecca she knows her secret and will do everything she can to get her and Josh together.

Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!

With some internet stalking, Paula finds out Josh will be at a club called "Spider's " tonight. Paula and Rebecca get all dressed up and ready to bump into him on the dance floor. Their plans are ruined when the bouncer won't let them in. Rebecca starts hanging out with Josh's girlfriend, Valencia making Paula feel left out. Rebecca's ignoring her and hasn't even once asked about her kids. Paula and Rebecca share a heartfelt moment and realize what they mean to each other.

I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!

Darryl tells Paula, "Rebecca's uterus exploded" and won't be coming to work today. Paula knows that's not true and calls Rebecca to find out what's going on. Rebecca's upset she ruined her chances with Josh . His girlfriend doesn't want them alone together and she can't find a way around it. Paula has an obvious solution; throw a party. Since an incident when Rebecca was 12, she's has been afraid of throwing parties, but after Paula sings "Face Your Fears " she's ready to give it a shot. At home Paula's family is driving her insane, except her youngest son, Tommy .
Paula Tommy Heather

Paula, Tommy and Heather at Rebecca's party.

Tommy is scared he might fail his test and (like she told Rebecca), tells him to face his fears. Paula goes to Rebecca's place to help setup for the party, but is interrupted by a call from Tommy's school. Tommy "faced his fears" and stole the test he was afraid to take. The school wants to transfer Tommy to a school better fit to deal with his diagnostics, but the school is an hour away. Paula and her son leave to help Rebecca at her party. Almost no one showed up and Rebecca doesn't want Josh to think she's pathetic. Paula searches for some random guests on the streets  and finds a group of gamblers wandering outside and invites them over. In no time the party comes to life and Josh shows up with even more guests. On Monday, Paula goes back to the school to keep them from transferring Tommy. Rebecca writes cue cards and together they argue her case against the principal. Their plan works and Tommy gets to stay in school.

I'm Going on a Date With Josh's Friend!

Rebecca and Paula are at skate park waiting for Josh to "accidentally" bump into them. After waiting for what seems life forever Rebecca gets a notification of Josh and Valencia on vacation. For the next few days Rebecca ignores Paula's advice on everything from dating Greg and trying to be healthier. In the end Paula's advice is revealed to be right when Rebecca's date ends horribly and she gives up on being a vegan.

Josh and I Are Good People!

Rebecca and Darryl leave the office for the day and put Paula in charge. Paula's co-workers have been recently getting on her nerves calling her bad nicknames like "Pamela" and forcing her to redo work. She takes this as an opportunity to get back at them and get some real done. As Paula looks through the files she discovers her co-worker Tim, is not an American citizen and is working at Whitefeather & Associates illegally. Tim has been very disrespectful to her and with this information she threatens to get him fired. After considering the consequences his deportation would have on his family, she decides to let him stay and he starts to treat her with more respect.

My First Thanksgiving with Josh!

Crazyex thanksgiving01

Paula and Rebecca

Paula gets Rebecca invtied to the Chans' house for Thanksgiving dinner. They get a broach with a hidden camera so Paula can watch Rebecca impress Josh's family while getting closer to Josh. Paula's family is boring and instead of talking and eating she watches Rebecca through the video camera.  I'm So Happy That Josh is So Happy!

Paula's smitten with Whitefeather & Associates' newest client, Calvin Young.He's more romantic, handsome and overall better than her husband. At diner, they talk less about work and more about each other. They spend the entire night flirting. They go on a date to a jazz club where Paula seduces Calvin with a song titled "His Status Is... Preferred " They go to his hotel and are about to become intimate when Rebecca storms in reminding Paula of her marriage. They break down crying about their past and current relationships.

My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves!

California Christmas Time

Rebecca,Paula Proctor,Josh Chan, Carol and Darryl

It's Christmastime in West Covina and Rebecca needs Paula's help. Rebecca's mom is coming to town and she needs Paula to pretend to be a Jewish lawyer that her mom will be impressed with. Paula goes all in and even gives her character a British accent. She tells Rebecca that she will never get her mom's approval and she doesn't need it because she's a grown women. She joins the rest of the cast to sing "California Christmastime".

I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends!

Paula is getting annoyed with Rebecca's denial and wants her to admit she's in love with Josh . When Rebecca gets into trouble on her trip to the beach, she calls Paula to pick her up. Paula is hesitant to come because Rebecca refuses to be honest with her, after everything they've been through. Paula picks her up anyways where Rebecca finally admits that she's in love with Josh Chan] and they drive home.

I'm Back at Camp with Josh!

When Josh tells Rebecca and Paula he's going camping, Paula sees this as an opportunity for Rebecca to relieve her teen romance with Josh. When Rebecca comes back from the camping trip, she tells Paula that he kissed her on the cheek. Paula tells her, a kiss on the cheek can mean everything.

That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!

Scott and Paula have finally decided to deal with their marital problems. Unable to afford a marriage counselor they go to Father Brah instead. He suggests they spend an evening alone together having dinner and connecting. At work Rebecca and Paula are texting in the middle of a case. Rebecca signals that she sent another message, but Paula doesn't see any texts. Rebecca realizes she accidentally texted Josh, instead of Paula about how much she loves Josh Chan. Paula interrupts the case for help brainstorming ideas to help Rebecca. She remembers Josh forgot his phone at home and rushes to his apartment. Paula wants to come with her, but she can't miss her dinner with Scott]. Her dinner with Scott is average to say the least and Rebecca's phone call is the perfect distraction. Rebecca is desperate for help and needs Paula to throw a rock threw her window so Josh thinks someone broke into her house. Paula promises to help, but has to take Scott along. Scott doesn't understand what they're doing, but agrees to help. The thrill of throwing a rock threw a window connects them for the first time in a while and Paula opens up to him about Rebecca and her ex-boyfriend, Josh. The excitement in their relationship returns. The next day Rebecca explains their plan didn't work out and Josh doesn't trust her anymore.

Josh and I Work on a Case!

Paula helps Rebecca spend extra time with Josh Chan with an elaborate plan that includes, Jalapeño Jack's and a fake boyfriend. Her doesn't work but presents them with a new opportunity to spend time with Josh, a case. Paula helps Rebecca build a case against Greater City Water to help the tenants across the San Gabriel Valley get hot water in their homes.

Where Is Josh's Friend?


Paula wants to take a step back from Rebecca's love life. She has been feeling an emptiness, as if something is missing from her life even though everything's been going great. She realizes she has become addicted to Rebecca's life and shenanigans and needs to put the focus back on herself. She asks Rebecca to sign a contract keeping her schemes separate from their friendship and she agrees. With that done she needs to find something to fill the emptiness inside her. With some help from, Scott she discovers her true dream; to become a lawyer. She applies to Law school hoping for a big change.

When Will Josh See How Cool I am?


Paula is really excited to finally live out her dreams and go to Law School. However she's worried it might be too late. She asks Rebecca to write her a recommendation letter, but she's preoccupied with Josh and forgets. Darrylstands by her side and writes her his own recommendation letter and tries to prove her how much he cares for him and that he's her number one best friend. Paula is thankful for Darryl's letter, but was really hoping Rebecca would write it. She starts to think Rebecca doesn't agree with her Law School plan and doubts her decision. When Rebecca misses the deadline she hands in Darryl's recommendation instead. Rebecca gives Paula her recommendation a day late and Paula is glad to know her best friend is supportive of her decision.

All Signs Point to Josh...Or Is It Josh's Friend? Paula is very excited that her dreams may finally come true, however there's still a 6 month wait to see if she's accepted. In the meantime it's that time of the month for both Rebecca and Paula. They're both late and Rebecca thinks she might be pregnant for Josh. As time passes Paula realizes she could actually be pregnant too and is scared to take the test for fear her dreams will be ruined. Darryl surprises her with early acceptance to Law school starting this semester. She is overjoyed and Darryl's kindness and realizes she has to figure out if she's pregnant. She takes the test and it is confirmed, she's pregnant.

When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?


Rebecca Bunch

Best Friend/Co-Worker

Paula and Rebecca had a rocky start when they first met at the office in "Josh Just Happens to Live Here! ". Paula was suspicious of Rebecca's behavior and wanted to know what she was hiding. She was the first person to discover Rebecca's true reasons for moving to West Covina, which began their friendship. Paula is always there to help Rebecca when she needs it and has become a mother figure to her. Rebecca often goes to Paula for advice especially regarding her love life and Paula always comes through. In "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh! " Paula is revealed to have taken a lot more risks for Rebecca then she was led to believe. Paula thinks that if Rebecca no longer wants to chase Josh, they will lose their friendship. At Jayma's wedding, they make up and prove to each other that they love one another no matter with or without Josh Chan . Paula disproves of Rebecca's romance with Greg which is often the start of their arguments and is obsessed with Rebecca having a fairy tale romance with Josh. In, "Where Is Josh's Friend? " Paula becomes aware of  her obsession with Rebecca's life and asks her to sign a contract keeping her schemes seperate from their friendship. She is no longer obsessed with Rebecca's love life and doesn't even think Rebecca and Josh are a good couple anymore. Her distance from Rebecca's schemes will allow her to finally chase her own personal dreams in life. This distance between further expands as Rebecca makes new friends and she makes friends of her own. They don't share everything like they use to and in "Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group? " they face their problems and get into a big argument, blaming one anther for the distance between them.

Sunil Odhav


Paula meets Sunil on her first day of law school. After only a couple minutes of meeting she feels comfortable enough to tell him personal things like, her recent abortion. They become studdy buddies and even make eachother friendship braclets. Sunil and Paula also begin scheming together, starting with stealing a computer program for another student's computer. Sunil and Paula's relationship seems to be overshadowing her relationship with Rebecca .

Mrs. Hernandez


Paula and Mrs. Hernadez both work at Whitefeather & Associates and have a great working friendship. They seem to understand each other even with Mrs. Hernandez being mute, but are not as close outside the office like Rebecca and Paula.


Scott Proctor


Scott and Paula are in a boring marriage that's missing the spark they use to have. Together they have two kids that they're having trouble raising. Paula avoids facing their marital problems by indulging in Rebecca's love life. In "That Text Was Not Meant for Josh! " the couple finally attempts to rekindle their love and go to Father Brah for help, (since they can't afford a marriage counselor). Father Brah suggests that they spend a night alone; just the two of them. During their date, Rebecca calls Paula for help and Scott joins her on an adventure that brings them closer again. In, Season 2 their relationship has grown stronger and they communicate on a regular basis. They have no secrets and confide in each other about every part of their life. In, "All Signs Point to Josh...Or Is It Josh's Friend? " Paula discovers she is pregnant and Scott supports her decision to abort the baby. Scott also supports her decision to go to law school and follow her dreams and he tries to help out more around the house.

Calvin Young



Paula singing to Calvin

Calvin was an important client at Whitefeather & Associates that caught Paula's eye. Even though Paula is married, Calvin and her go out about two or three times, but never sleep together. Their attraction was purely physical and not based on any real emotion. They were both distracting eachother of thier currnet marital situations.

Songs Sung by Paula


  • "The least you could do is be honest with your mother … I mean, your friend," -Paula to Rebecca
  • "I'm making pies for people I hate, which is mixed emotions for me because I love pie." -Paula talking about Thanksgiving dinner
  • My kids are not daughters, they’re terrible. I’ll tell you about it later, or now? - Paula to Rebecca