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I'm not Crazy, that's a sexist term!
Rebecca Nora Bunch
Rebecca Bunch - Portal

General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: (28 years old)
Height: 5"3 (1.6m)
Address: West Covina,California
Occupation(s): Real Estate Lawyer at Whitefeather & Associates

Lawyer at a prestigious New York Law Firm (Former)

Aliases: "Becks" by Josh

"Crazy Lady" by Madison Whitefeather
"Becca" by Naomi Bunch
"Cookie" by Paula Proctor
"Bunch" by Greg Serrano
"Cabbage Patch Kid" by Campers (Kayla, Tanya, Chloe, Nicky)
"Betsy" by Brody "Match" by Valencia Perez

Family & Friends
Family: Naomi Bunch (Mother)

Silas Bunch (Father)
Aunt Nancy

Friends: Josh Chan* debatable after he left her at the altar
Paula Proctor (mother figure and partner in crime..literally)
Greg Serrano
Valencia Perez

Heather Davis

Romances: Josh Chan (Ex- Boyfriend in season 1 and half of season 2;Boyfriend/Fiance / Ex-Fiance as of season finale)
Greg Serrano (Ex-boyfriend)
Trent Maddock (Fake Boyfriend)
Nathaniel (ex-boyfriend, in love with)
Robert (Ex pre-series mentioned in a memory from season 2 finale)
Boss: Darryl Whitefeather and Nathaniel Plimpton

Laura (Former)

Enemies: Valencia Perez (formerly)
Audra Levine
Other Information
Education: Harvard undergrad, Yale law
Awards: winner NCAJ Mock Trial Championships
Series Information
Episode Count: 31
First seen: Josh Just Happens to Live Here!
Last seen: Can Josh Take a Leap of Faith?
Portrayer: Rachel Bloom
Ava Acres (12 yrs. old)
Kerrigan Milker (7 yrs. old)

Rebecca Nora Bunch is the main character of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. She is portrayed by show creator Rachel Bloom.


According to Rebecca's mother, Rebecca is selfish, dramatic, and weird. Rebecca is desperate, lonely, and self-loathing. Despite these things, Rebecca was accepted into both Harvard and Yale, and is highly intelligent. In Manhattan, she was a successful lawyer, but never really loved her job. She now works in a smaller firm in West Covina, California.

Rebecca is always searching for happiness. According to her, she suffers from anxiety and depression which complicate her pursuit of happiness. Mentally, Rebecca isn't well and in the pilot episode, she can be seen with prescribed pills. Her mental state causes her to be wildly impulsive and not think about the consequences of her actions.

Early Life

When Rebecca was 7 years old she liked to pretend she was part of her favorite movie "Slumbered". She would force her friend, Jake, to play along and dream about her happily ever after.


Rebecca when she was 12 years old.

When Rebecca was 12 years old she invited everyone in her grade over for a party, but only a few kids showed up. During her party, her parents got into an argument where her Dad called her 3 friends losers and her mom accused him of having an affair. Rebecca's father then stomped out, which eventually led to her parents divorcing.

It was revealed in the episode "Josh Has No Idea Where I Am! "that Rebecca tricked her mom into thinking she was going to a camp (when she was really going to see her father). Rebecca's father ended up calling her mom to pick Rebecca up and take her home. Rebecca had always thought that her mom was trying to separate them until Dr. Akopian showed her otherwise.

Rebecca and Josh in 2005

Rebecca and Josh in 2005

In 2005, Rebecca attended Camp Canyon Grove, a musical summer camp where she met and dated Josh Chan. Rebecca was head over heels with Josh and was heartbroken that summer was coming to an end. However, Josh didn't feel the same way and broke up with her because he thought she was over dramatic and weird.

Over the next 10 years, Rebecca attended and graduated from Harvard and Yale and became a successful real estate lawyer at a prestigious law firm in Manhattan, with half-a-million dollar salary. Although her life seems great and happy, Rebecca is miserable. Rebecca suffers from anxiety and depression and takes medication for it albeit in many quantities in order to feel numb.


List of Episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Featuring Rebecca Bunch


Josh Just Happens to Live Here!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend West Covina The CW

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend West Covina The CW

Rebecca singing West Covina (song) because of her newfound hapiness

On the streets of New York, Rebecca runs into her ex-boyfriend from summer camp, Josh Chan. Josh tells Rebecca that he's moving back to his hometown, West Covina, where everyone is always smiling. After their conversation Rebecca decides to move to West Covina to find happiness and is definitely not moving there for Josh (or at least that's what she tells herself.) On the verge of being named partner at a big New York law firm, seemingly at the top of her game, when during one of her many sleepless nights she sees a commercial that asks, "When was the last time you were truly happy?" Now that Rebecca has turned down a huge promotion and quit her job she begins a new job in West Covina. She gets a job as an attorney at Whitefeather & Associates,with her a new boss named, Darryl Whitefeather (Pete Gardner).

Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!

Josh's Girlfriend Really Cool!

Rebecca, when she bumps into Josh and meets Valencia.

Rebecca makes a late-night trip to the grocery store and runs into Josh with his girlfriend Valencia. Floored by how pretty Valencia is, Rebecca decides to attend the Yoga class Valencia teaches to become her friend, not realizing that Paula is feeling ignored. Even though Josh warns her not to get too close to Valencia, Rebecca takes her to lunch and helps her get a yoga studio. A drunk Rebecca blurts out that she and Josh were in love, and Valencia storms away with Josh. Rebecca apologizes to Paula, calling her a true friend. Josh apologizes for asking Rebecca to lie and asks her out to dinner.

I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!

I Have Friends - "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

I Have Friends - "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

Rebecca and 12 year old Rebecca (Ava Acres) sing I Have Friends when Rebecca hands out random flyers.

When Josh's girlfriend tells him not to spend time alone with Rebecca, Paula suggests she throw a party as a way to invite him over. Rebecca faces her fear of hosting parties that she's had since her father walked out on her family in front of her friends. Although she successfully invites Josh, Greg is still angry at her and refuses to go. Rebecca is mortified when Josh shows up to a near-empty party, but he reassures her that it's totally normal and helps her spruce it up. Rebecca reconciles with Greg.

I'm Going on a Date With Josh's Friend!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Sex with a Stranger - The CW

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Sex with a Stranger - The CW

Rebeecca singing Sex with a Stranger

Rebecca attempts to meet Josh at the skate park, but is dismayed when he doesn't come. To make herself feel better, she enlists the help of Heather to find a fling on Tinder, but changes her mind at the last second. The next day, Greg musters up his courage and asks Rebecca to "settle" for him. Josh starts looking for a job and, after seeing an opening at the tech store he likes, comes to Rebecca for help with his resume, while simultaneously convincing Rebecca to accept Greg's date invitation. Josh's interview doesn't go well, due to Rebecca's "help", making him look too uptight for the laid-back store, and ends up begrudgingly taking a job at his father's radiology clinic. Greg and Rebecca go out to the taco festival for their date, which goes well, until Rebecca ends up ditching him for the vegan guacamole vendor she met. Greg confronts her after and storms out. Rebecca sees that Josh is at the clinic, and storms in with Josh to the tech center and gets him the job.

Josh and I Are Good People!

Rebecca and Josh are at Boba Hut flipping through a scrapbook from summer camp, when an angry Greg interuppts. He's still mad at Rebecca for ditching him on their date and calls her and Josh terrible people. Unable to forget what Greg said, Rebecca starts putting in an effort to be good. Starting with giving money to a homeless women and becoming Darryl's lawyer. Darryl is fighting for custody of his daughter, Madison with soon to be ex-wife Stacy .

Josh and Rebecca at Boba Hut

Rebecca takes Darryl to Home Base so they can work on the case while simultaneously showing Greg she's a good person. Rebecca brags to Greg about all the recent good she's done, but he still doesn't think of her as good person.Rebecca thinks if she can get Darryl full custody Greg will finally forgive her and hatches a crazy plan that involves $10,000 and getting arrested. Before she can finish her plan Stacy catches her and they come to an agreement to settle the divorce peacefully. Greg finally comes around and sees how hard Rebecca's trying and forgives her. A text from Josh tells her to meet him at Boba Hut where he admits to being attracted to her, but still loves his girlfriend.

My First Thanksgiving With Josh! With a little help from Paula , Rebecca gets herself invited to the Chan family Thanksgiving dinner. Rebecca impresses Josh's family and they like her more than his girlfriend, Valencia . After dinner Rebecca finds herself with diarrhea in the washroom. In the next room she overhears, Valencia and Josh arguing about Rebecca's interference in their relationship. At first Rebecca is excited to hear them argue, until they stop talking and start having sex. Rebecca is trapped in the washroom and can't poo until they leave. After they finish, she rushes home, does her business and rests on the couch. Greg comes over with tacos and tequila and makes up for her horrible Thanksgiving with his company.

I'm So Happy That Josh is So Happy!

I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy! 02

Paula and Rebecca are spying on Josh and Valencia as they happily move into their new apartment. Rebecca calls Josh and watches him ignore her call. This is enough to send Rebecca spiraling, at a time when the firm was relying on her the most. Rebecca ruins their meeting with their new client, Calvin Young and a disappointed Darryl asks her to leave early. Rebecca feels lonely and depressed and starts to hallucinate Dr. Phill giving her advice. She ignores him and searches for medication to make her feelings go away. When she can't find pills at home she goes to a therapist hoping to get fast pills, but Dr. Akopian would rather do some therapy before prescribing any medication. Rebecca finds a pill on the washroom floor and against Dr. Phill'sadvice takes it. She then goes to Heather for some downers. High on drugs Rebecca and Heather try to sneak into Dr.Akopian's house and steal her prescription pad, but get caught and she promises to have another session to avoid being charged. As they leave Dr. Akopian's she gets a call from Paula. She is going to have cheat on her husband with Calvin Young if she doesn't stop her. She barges into their hotel room and remind them they need to feel their and not distract themselves with an affair. While also reminding herself she needs to feel her own feelings. As promised Rebecca returns to Dr. Akopian for another session, but leaves early when she gets a text to meet Josh. They both meet the real Dr. Phill.

My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves!

California Christmas Time

Rebecca's mom is visiting her in West Covina for Hanukkah and she's very worried about what she'll think of her. She wants to please her mom in every way possible, but tries to convince herself she won't gets obsessed with pleasing her like she always does. Her mom walks in and is already criticizing every part of her life. She visits Rebecca's workplace at Whitefeather & Associates and is greatly disappointed. Rebecca can't handle her criticism and tells her that she works at a sophisticated Jewish firm, and gets Paula to pretend to be one of her British Jewish co-workers. The visit is going so well she thinks her mother will finally give her the family Garfinkel ring until Rebecca's client, Calvin Young calls to meet her for some legal counsel. Her mom insists on coming along, desperate for a date with a hot man, but Calvin doesn't like her and leaves early. Rebecca lies once again that she told Calvin to leave and her mom is very upset. The next day her mom is getting ready to leave and Rebecca can't take it anymore and tells the truth. They share a heart to heart and mend their relationship.

I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends!

When a lonely Rebecca gets invited to the beach with Josh and his friends she is overjoyed. She rents a party bus for the trip full of music and drinks. That excitement disappears when she finds herself alone once again on the bus. Attempting to get everyone's attention she performs a pole dance, that is no only weird and random, but reveals some parts that are meant to stay hidden. Valencia uses this odd performance to prove that Rebecca is crazy and only moved here for Josh and did all that to impress him. Rebecca repeats her ususal story about the great job offer she got from Darryl , but this time Darryl is there and can fact check it. Rebecca actually called him for the job and eveyone on the bus gets confused. She tries to explain how happy Josh seemed when he talked about West Covina and how she wanted that happiness for herself, but no one understood her. Except, Josh he understood in a way no else seemed to. Rebecca calls Paula to pick her up and for the first time admits that she moved here for Josh and loves him, so much.

I'm Back at Camp with Josh!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Dear Felix Chan The CW-0

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Dear Felix Chan The CW-0

Rebecca reading her letter to Josh

Josh is going on a camping trip with an underprivileged youth group he volunteers with. Rebecca sees this as an opportunity to relive their days from summer camp. She donates a large sum of money and the group lets her come along. Rebecca has planned to give Josh a love letter she wrote to him before they broke up 10 years ago. She never got to give it to him and thought this was the perfect time. The teenagers occupy most of their time throughout the day and make Rebecca feel left out. When she finally gets a moment alone with him she reads (or rather sings) him the letter. Josh laughs at the letter. He thinks it's funny how dramatic she used to be and doesn't realize he's crushing her heart. She leaves and throws the letter out, leaving Josh confused. Later that night Rebecca was suppose to give a speech on female empowerment, but can't because she overwhelmed with emotion. The girl campers comfort her and give her a makeover to feel better. Meanwhile Josh takes the letter out of the trash and reads it. He meets Rebecca again to tell her how much he loved the letter and how much it meant to him. He's never had someone believe in him like that before. He kisses her on the cheek leaving her stunned. Back at work Paula tells Rebecca how important a kiss on the cheek is.

That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!


The text Rebecca sent to Josh.

Rebecca just talked to Josh and is in a great mood. She's more in love with Josh than ever and thinks he might love her too. She wants to tell Paula , but their in the middle of a case so, she texts her instead. She accidentally sends the message to Josh and has to make sure he never sees it. They stop in the middle of case and everyone helps her brainstorm a plan. Rebecca remembers Josh said he forgot his phone at home and races to get there before him. She successfully deletes the message, but at that same moment Josh gets home and wants to know why she's their. She lies and says someone broke into her house and threw a rock through her window. She says she got scared she came to be with him. Josh believes the lie and they go back to her place to clean it up. She calls Paula to help her and throw a rock thrugh her window. Paula throws the rock before Josh and Rebecca get there securing her lie. Everything's fine until Josh finds the rock that came through her window and it says "ever" on it. It matches Rebecca's rock set with the words "happily", "ever" and "after". Josh doesn't understand how someone entered her house, got the rock, left her house and then threw the rock through the window and didn't even steal anything. Josh leaves Rebecca, and she's feels stupid for what she did. The next day Rebecca is complaining that she ruins everything and Paula is reminding her of all the good she's done and she starts to feel better.

Josh and I Work on a Case!

"Flooded with Justice (reprise)" from "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

"Flooded with Justice (reprise)" from "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

Josh has been avoiding Rebecca since the supposed break-in at her house and Rebecca's been going crazy thinking about him. Paula devises a plan to get them alone together that involves, a smog check, a coupon for Jalapeno Jacks and a new fake boyfriend. The plan works and they haver dinner alone until some of Josh's friends show up and it becomes a group hang. Still desperate for alone time, Rebecca creates a case that Josh and her can work on together. Josh's hot water hasn't been working and Rebecca thinks she can sue the landlord. Valencia doesn't want Josh doing the case, but Rebecca doesn't back down. She gets all the tenets in the building to support her and proves to Josh that the case is a good idea and he agrees. The case gets even bigger when Rebecca meets Bert . Bert has a water conspiracy that Greater City Water has been diverting water away from West Covina and has a deal with landlords across the San Gabriel Valley. This means Josh can sue them for even more money than they thought. She rushes to Josh's apartment to tell him the good news and finds Valencia, Greg and Josh standing with Trent Maddock . The fake boyfriend she found on facebook.

Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!

The episode begins, right where it left off with Greg, Josh and Valencia standing with Rebecca's fake boyfriend, Trent. In a surprising twist, Trent plays along with her lie, and makes out with her in front of her friends. He makes a quick exit and Rebecca goes back to telling Josh how big their case has grown. Josh is excited and they go to the office to work on their case. When Rebecca gets home, Trent is already there. Rebecca used him as a fake boyfriend, but now he wants to be her real boyfriend. Everyone travels to Los Angeles, for the trial and even with all her hardwork, they loose after Audra Levine discredits their number one witness. Rebecca feels bad for getting Josh's hopes up, but he thinks it was really sweet and they share a kiss.

Josh Is Going to Hawaii!

After her long awaited kiss with Josh , Rebecca thinks they'll finally be together, but Josh is conflicted. He tells Rebecca he likes her, but kissing her was wrong. He cheated on Valencia , and he has to tell her the truth. Paula , convinces her this is not a setback and that this is her moment to make a grand gesture. Josh will be flying to Hawaii for Hector's surf competition and Rebecca plans to buy a ticket to meet him there. The only problem is, Rebecca's carelessness with money has put her in debt and she can't afford a ticket, or anything really. For some extra cash she sells her Garfinkel ring. She can finally afford the ticket, but overhears Valencia forgiving Josh for the kiss after he says he doesn't love Rebecca. Rebecca starts to see herself as a villain who ruined their relationship and thinks everyone would be better off if she left. She buys a ticket to New York and happens to sit next to Dr. Akopian , the therapist she's been avoiding for weeks.

Josh Has No Idea Where I Am?

Rebecca finds herself stuck on a plane with her therapist, Dr. Akopian . She falls asleep on the plane and imagines talking with Dream Ghost Dr. Akopian . The dream ghost takes her on a journey through her past to prove love has worked out for her and that she does have love in her life. She discovers her mom loved her more than she thought, she had a real love for musical theater and that her friends in West Covina love her more than she thinks, even Greg . She learns real love doesn't have to be a person, it can be a passion too. After her talk with Dream Ghost, Dr. Akopian she goes home. Everyone she loves is waiting to see if she's okay and welcome her home. After they're sure she's safe, everyone leaves besides Josh. Josh found a bunch of pictures of them together and asks Rebecca is she's in love with him. She says....

Josh's Sister is Getting Married!


Rebecca singing Heavy Boobs

Rebecca is officially over Josh and decides to reinvent herself and get rid of bad habits. She throws away all her Josh stuff, but Paula doesn't approve. Paula wants them to keep chasing after Josh, but Rebecca is officially done. Josh's sister, Jayma asks Rebecca to be bridesmaid and she only accepts if Valencia can be one too. During their time together they mend their relationship, but Paula's intervention gets herself kicked out of the wedding party. Rebecca wants Paula to stop and she refuses and thinks without Josh, they won't be friends anymore. Rebecca tells her that would never happen and they make up. Rebecca is ready to move on and hooks up with Greg .

Why is Josh in a Bad Mood?


Greg and Rebecca

Rebecca and Greg have been hooking up for a while now and  she's keeping it a secret from Paula. Paula still has hope for Rebecca and Josh and the only person she disapproves of is Greg. She can never date Josh if she dates his best friend. Rebecca can't stop having sex with Greg, and is starting to develop real feelings for him, but he doesn't seem to feel the same way.  To keep her friendship seperate from her relationship with Greg, Rebecca helps Paula with a pie contest. They win the competition, and seconds later Rebecca faints. Josh, Paula and Greg all go the hospital for Rebecca and learn she fainted from a UTI, she got from Greg. Paula's upset to learn Rebecca's been lying to her and Josh is surprised.

Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!

Paula is very mad at Rebecca for lying to her and can't believe she's ruining everything she's worked for to get Josh and Rebecca together. Meanwhile, Rebecca wants to have a real relationship with Greg and share a special moment together, but he's being distant and weird. They go to Jayma's wedding and instead of the magical moment she hoped for, Greg spends the whole night criticizing everything and drinking. Paula shows up at the party and they forgive each other and end their fight. She tells Rebecca to be brave and ask Greg how he feels. When she asks him how he feels he replies with "I think your'e cool" and then passes out drunk at the bar. Rebecca is heartbroken and really thought they had something special. In her vulnerable moment, a newly single Josh confesses his feelings for Rebecca and shows her the letter she wrote for him at camp. The romantic gesture was the magical moment Rebecca had been waiting for and they have sex in his car. When they finish Rebecca reveals the real reason she moved to West Covina, was for him. Josh is speechless.

Where is Josh's Friend?


We find Rebecca and Josh sitting in awkward silence, 15 minutes after Rebecca confessed that not only does she love him, but moved to West Covina for him. Josh feels awkward about it and Rebecca tries to confuse him, about what happened. He forgets it and they move on. Fast forward 3 weeks, Josh is sleeping on Rebecca's couch after letting Valencia keep their apartment. They continue to have casual sex, almost all the time and things are going great. However, they're still not officially dating. Paula thinks that Josh might not be the one for her anymore, but Rebecca thinks there's still hope. When she asks Josh about their relationship, he says he can't be with her knowing that she hasn't officially ended things with Greg. Rebecca insists their over, but it still bothers him. Rebecca decides she has to officially end things with Greg, but no one has heard or seen Greg since the wedding. So Rebecca goes on a hunt and with some help from Paula, finds him at an alcoholic anonymous meeting. He's already in a bad state and Rebecca doesn't want to make it worse. Josh and her agree to take things slow and stop having sex. Josh even says he'll move back into his parents place. However, they can't ignore their sexual tension and have sex anyways. Meanwhile, Paula doesn't want to be apart of Rebecca's schemes anymore and makes her sign a contract promising to keep her out of it. She's hesitant at first, but wants to do what will make her best friend happy.

When Will Josh See How Cool I am?


In attempt to develop a real relationship with Josh (beyond their sexual attraction) Rebecca tries to send more time with him. She pretends to like "guy stuff" and makes him a homemade diner. Josh doesn't seem to notice her and is constantly busy doing stuff with his friends. When Josh says he's playing ping pong on Friday, Rebecca lies and says she's the Junior Miss Table Tennis Champion for the Eastern Northern Seaboard County District. Josh is impressed and invites her to come with him. To keep up with her lie Rebecca hires Xiao Wong, a table tennis champion to teach her how to play. The lessons don't pay off and Rebecca looks like an idiot. Josh isn't paying her any attention because he's worried about [[[Greg]]. Josh told Greg about his relationship with Rebecca and they're worried that's enough to make him drink again. Rebecca feels bad that Greg found out that way he did and runs off to find him. Greg is still so sober, but he's upset. He tells her that he got his DUI because he was driving over to her place the next morning to tell her he was in love with her. He is okay with their relationship as long as she's happy and Rebecca realizes she's not. Josh doesn't treat her well and she deserves better. Rebecca was too busy trying to impress Josh and forgot all about Paula's recommendation letter. She's applying to law school and needed it by Friday. She gives her the letter a day late and Paula already submitted her application. Paula thought Rebecca's late letter was because she thought it was ridiculous for her to go to law school. Rebecca feels so bad about giving her the letter late and tells her she's the best person she's ever met. Rebecca ends the night holding Greg's sweater as she falls asleep and starts to doubt her relationship with Josh

All Signs Point to Josh...Or Is It Josh's Friend?


Greg,Rebecca and Josh in bed together

Rebecca feels torn between Josh and Greg and is struggling to define theit relationship.


Naomi Bunch


My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves!

Naomi and Rebecca.

Rebecca's mother and her have a very rocky relationship. Rebecca's mother is controlling and blames her for her father leaving. Even though Rebecca didn't really show her mom a lot of love, her mom still loved her and protected her from the truth that Rebecca's dad didn't want her. Rebecca has always felt the need to impress her mother. Since their relationship has been tough on Rebecca she views Paula as more of a mother figure than a friend.


Audra Levine


Audra Levine

Audra and Rebecca in West Covina

Audra and Rebecca have been nemesis all their lives and so far Audra is winning. In the case against Greater City Water Audra ruined all of Rebecca's chances by exposing her star witness as a Schizophrenic. Audra resmebles who Rebecca was before moving to West Covina . She has it all but inside she's alone and not truly happy.

Valencia Perez

Friend/Old Enemies

Rebecca and Valencia

Valencia is introduced to Rebecca as Josh's girlfriend in "Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!". Rebecca sees her as an obstacle in her future with Josh . They both compete for Josh's attention and love and that has turned them against eachother. In "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh! " Josh breaks up with Valencia to be with Rebecca. Rebecca finally gets what she wanted, but it doesn't last and he breaks up with her too. After their break-up Rebecca tries to reconcile with Valencia. She takes her on all day trip where they take some drugs, express their feeling about Josh and finally become friends. Now they are in a girl group along with Heather and are close then ever. Valencia never really had girl friends and their relationship is extremely special to her.

Paula Proctor

Donut Paula and Rebecca

Paula and Rebecca having a doughnut.

Best Friend/Mother Figure

Paula is the first friend Rebecca makes after moving to West Covina . They work together to make Josh fall in love with Rebecca. Paula is also a mother figure and partner in crime to Rebecca. Rebecca and Paula broke off their friendship and rekindled in Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!. In, "Where Is Josh's Friend? " Paula is trying to refocus her life and makes Rebecca sign a contract to keep her out of all her shenagins. Rebecca is hesitant to sign, but does it because she loves Paula and wants her to follow her dreams. After this contract their relationship starts to feel some distance and Rebecca and Paula both find new friends. They don't share everything like they use to anymore. In "Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group? " Rebecca tries to mash Paula with her new friends. It doesn't go well and they end up in huge fight blaming each other for ruining their friendship.

Heather Davis


Heather is Rebecca's neighbor and the slowly become friends over the course of Season 1 .Heather is really cool with Rebecca even when she's dating her ex-boyfriend. In, "When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?" Rebecca stays with Heather after he house lights on fire. As Rebecca is getting ready to find a new place, Heather decides to join. They move into a new apartment together.


Josh Chan


Josh Chan and Rebecca

Ex-Boyfriend (Season 1)/Boyfriend/Fiance (Season 2)

Read more at Josh and Rebecca...

Rebecca and Josh dated during summer camp in 2005 and Josh broke up with her before leaving. After 10 years apart, Rebecca ran into Josh on the streets of New York City and old feelings came back. Rebecca soon finds herself abandoning her success in New York to follow her crush to West Covina. Rebecca spends every day trying to get Josh's attention and slowly growing closer, and falling farther in love with him. In "Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!" Rebecca finds out that Josh has a long-term girlfriend named, Valencia. Valencia is jealous of Josh and Rebecca's friendship and Rebecca is jealous of their relationship, but this does not stop Rebecca from being determined to get him back. Only Paula and her husband know that Rebecca loves Josh and moved to West Covina to be with him. Later, Greg founds out about this. In "I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends! " Rebecca goes to the beach with Josh and his friends. The gang tries to expose Rebecca's real reason for coming to West Covina and Rebecca insists it was to find happiness. No one else believes her, but Josh understands what she's feeling and shows compassion towards her. After getting off the bus Rebecca finally admits to Paula and herself her true feelings towards him. In "I'm Back at Camp with Josh! " Rebecca follows Josh to a camp for underprivileged children as an attempt to recreate the love they had in summer camp all those years ago. Rebecca reads Josh a letter from when they were dating, that tells all the things she loves about Josh. Josh finds the letter funny and over dramatic, unknowingly breaking Rebecca's heart. In "That Text Was Not Meant for Josh! " Rebecca and Josh have a fallout after Rebecca sends an accidental text and her cover-up creates complicated lies that Josh finds out. Since then, they haven't talked at all and Rebecca was beginning to lose hope. With a fake coupon and fake boyfriend, Rebecca tricks Josh into coming to dinner. The plan seems to be working fine until Josh's friends turn up and there date turns into a group hang. So, Rebecca then creates a case for Josh to sue his landlord for the lack of water in his apartment. Valencia tries to get Josh to not take the suit,but Rebecca creates a really strong case. The case then gets bigger and to prepare Josh and Rebecca spend more time together. Finally in Los Angeles, they lose the case, but Josh, amazed by Rebecca's efforts, kisses her. In "Josh is Going to Hawaii! " Josh picks Valencia over Rebecca leading Rebecca to finally put this all behind her and move on from Josh. In "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!" Josh confesses his feelings to her and have sex. The first season end with Rebecca and Josh cuddling each other and Rebecca revealing to Josh she only moved to West Covina to be with him. This gives Josh doubts about Rebecca.

In Season 2 Josh gives Valencia their apartment and starts sleeping on Rebecca's couch. They continue to have a strictly sexual relationship even though Rebecca wants more. In "All Signs Point to Josh... Or is it Josh's Friend?",Josh breaks up with Rebecca after she tell him she's pregnant, only to find out minutes later that her period was late. They later get back together ( "When Do I Get to Spend Time with Josh?.") and become engaged ( ""Josh is the Man of My Dreams, Right?").

Greg Serrano



Rebecca and Greg

When Rebecca first moves to West Covina, Greg asks her out to a party that Josh was going to attend. On their first real date ("I'm Going on a Date With Josh's Friend!"), Rebecca makes an impulsive decision to ditch Greg and sleep with a vegan guacamole vendor. Even though their romantic relationship ends, Greg continues to care for Rebecca while she only comes to him when she's desperate for company. After finally getting over Josh in "Josh's Sister is Getting Married!", Rebecca and Greg begin a sexual relationship. Rebecca then begins to develop real feelings for Greg. Their relationship is exposed to Josh and Paula when Rebecca passes out during a pie contest because of her UTI which Greg gave her. In the first Season's finale ("Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!") Rebecca tries to tell a drunken Greg that she truly loves him, but he just says "I think you're cool". Greg then passes out after drinking too much and at the end of the episode we see Greg on his couch telling himself he should have told her he loves her. 

In Season 2 Greg has been gone for a month and has not find out about Josh and Rebecca's relationship. It is later revealed he was driving to Rebecca's house the next day to tell her how he feels but got stopped by a cop, got a DUI and has been going to AA meetings for the past month. In "All Signs Point to Josh... Or is it Josh's Friend?", Rebecca decides to ends things with Josh and be with Greg, but Greg decides not to go to her. In the following episode ("When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?"), Greg tells Rebecca he decided to give up their relationship in order to go to Emory.  

Trent Maddock

Fake Boyfriend

Rebecca used Trent's Facebook profile to pretend she had a boyfriend so nobody would think she liked Josh. Valencia and Greg didn't believe this and tracked Trent down. They brought Trent to West Covina to prove Rebecca was a liar, but instead he went along with the lie. Rebecca discovers Trent had a crush on Rebecca sinceHarvard and has always wanted to be with her. She lets him stay and be her fake boyfriend after he blackmails her. During his stay Rebecca has been working on the Great City Water trial. He tries to impress her with his cooking skills and massages while she is talks about her case with Josh. Before Trent leaves he hacks into their emails and gives Rebecca proof for her case. He become obsessed with Rebecca similar to her obession with Josh Chan. In, "Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girls Group?" Trent comes back to West Covina with a plan to win Rebecca back. Trent crashes girls night, just in time to get Paula out of the bathroom. After the girls leave Trent sticks around. Rebecca invites Trent for sex as this would hopefully cheers her up. In the Codas, Rebecca states he did really well, to which he reveal that he was a virgin before this.



  • Darryl's ex-wife : "What the hell is wrong with you?"! Rebecca: "Off the top of my head? I'd say low self-esteem, a lack of maternal affection and a genetic predisposition for anxiety and depression.
  • "I imagine my life as a series of musical numbers."
  • "I'm the villain in my own story. My actions have gone way too far. I told myself I was Jasmine but I realize now i'm Jafar."
  • "Would I like to go to the Chan’s? Would I like to be surrounded by the unconditional love of a hundred Filipinos? Of course I would."
  • "I'm a good person that's my thing, my nickname's Mother Theresa Luther King."
  • "To be clear, your parents want to have sex with me."


  • Rebecca had braces in High School
  • Room Temperature was her favorite band
  • Rebecca is Jewish
  • Rebecca Bunch and Rachel Bloom share the same initials
  • In high school Rebecca tried to commit suicide so she could go to summer camp, where she met Josh
  • According to her resume she can speak Mandarin
  • Rebecca drives a 2015 Hyundai Sonata. The car has 185 horsepower, 17-inch alloy wheels, a four-cylinder engine, heated seats, and a hands-free smart trunk.
  • Rebecca and Paula are on the same period cycle
  • She's terrible at ping pong


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