The logo as it appears outside the club.
Type Night Club
Location West Covina, California
Inhabitants N/A
First Appearance Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!

Spider's is a popular night club located in West Covina, California . The club is first seen in "Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool! ". Their was confusion on whether the club's name was Spider's or Spiders' since the name appeared differently on different fliers. This was cleared up when Rebecca overhears a man say "Great to see you, Mr.Spiders" confirming the word spider is being used in  the possessive form and not plural so the name of the club is Spider's.


  • Mr. Spiders (Club Owner)
  • Dr. Spiders (Club Owner)
  • Unknown named Bouncer 



Rebecca: But I always wonder, though, is it possessive Spider's or plural Spiders? Because every time I see a flyer for it, the apostrophe's in a different location.

Paula: What difference does it make?

Rebecca: It doesn't make a difference, it's just, like, it's two different things. Like, either the club is owned by a spider or the club is filled with, like, a bunch of spiders. So... it's a different thing.

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