Trent Maddock

General Information
Gender: Male
Occupation(s): Owner of a computer programing firm
Aliases: Honey by Rebecca Bunch
Family & Friends
Romances: Rebecca Bunch (Crush;Fake Ex-Girlfriend)
Other Information
Education: Harvard
Series Information
Episode Count: 2
First seen: "Josh and I Work on a Case!"
Last seen: "Can Josh Take a Leap of Faith?"
Portrayer: Paul Welsh

Trent Maddock is a recurring character on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. He attended Harvard University alongside Rebecca Bunch where he developed a crush on her. He is portrayed by Paul Welsh .


Rebecca Bunch

In freshmen year of Harvard University Trent saw Rebecca in the cafeteria, eating a mac and cheese sandwich and developed a crush on her, but never acted on these feeling. Years after graduating, he gets a friend request from Rebecca and a call from Valencia asking if they're dating . Trent saw this as an opportunity to finally be with Rebecca Bunch, and traveled to West Covina to see her. In West Covina , Trent discovered Rebecca has been lying to her friends and blackmails her to let him stay and continue being her "boyfriend" or be exposed as a liar to her friends. Similar to the way Rebecca stalked Josh, Trent becomes obsessed with her and breaks into her house, cooks her dinners and gives her massages. Trent hacked into private emails to help Rebecca prove her case against Greater City Water , but when the case was over she rejected him and he left. Months later her returned with a new plan to get Rebecca. He tried to infiltrate, Josh's friend group so, Rebecca would think he was cool, like Josh. The plan failed when the group ditched him and he decided to make a romantic gesture and spontaneously surprise Rebecca at her house. Trent interrupted girls night and came in time to see a big fight interrupt. Rebecca was in a vulnerable state and agreed to have sex with Trent taking his virginity.



  • Drags boulders and trees for fitness
  • Almost invented Twitter, but thought nobody would use it
  • Has a pet lizard
  • Excellent Chef
  • His first time was with Rebecca

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