Valencia Maria Perez

General Information
Gender: Female
Nationality: Middle Eastern/Indian/Mexican
Height: 5' 4½" (1.64 m)
Address: West Covina, Calif.
Occupation(s): Yoga Instructor
Aliases: "V" by Greg Serrano and Josh Chan

"V-ster", "V-Dog", "VW" by Rebecca Bunch "Velveeta" by Paula Proctor

Family & Friends
Friends: Rebecca Bunch

Heather Davis

Romances: Josh Chan (Ex-Boyfriend)
Enemies: Rebecca Bunch(formerly)
Series Information
First seen: Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!
Last seen: Why is Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?
Portrayer: Gabrielle Ruiz

Valencia Maria Perez is a recurring character (Season 1) and regular character (Season 2 onward) on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. She is Josh's former controlling girlfriend.


Valencia and Josh have been dating on and off since high school. Now they are living together in an apartment and Valencia is just waiting for Josh to propose. However Rebecca threatens their realationship. So she teams up with Greg Serrano to expose Rebecca. 


Valencia is very controlling of everything and everyone around her. She likes things to be done in a specific way and sees anything else as less than perfect. She steps on others feeling and cares more about her than anyone else (except Josh).


Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!


Rebecca meeting Valencia at the store.

Valencia and Josh are on a late-night trip to the grocery store when they run into Josh's old friend, Rebecca . Josh tells Valencia they met at summer camp when they were 8 years old and she just moved to West Covina. Valencia invites Rebecca to her yoga class where she sings, "I'm So Good at Yoga " and they start to bond.Valencia's excited to finally have a female friend and they go out for lunch and talk. Josh , Valencia, Greg and Rebecca go to Spider's for a fun night out which goes bad when Rebecca drunkenly tries to kiss her and reveals she dated Josh at summer camp when they were 16, not 8. Valencia tells Josh they can never see each other again.

I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!

Valencia is out of town at a yoga retreat.

My First Thanksgiving With Josh!

Crazyex thanksgiving02

Rebecca and Valencia

Josh's family is hosting Thanksgiving dinner and Valencia is invited, however his family doesn't like her. Throughout the dinner the Chan's are repeatedly rude to her and nice to Rebecca . When the night is almost over Valencia and Josh are talking about how his family treats her. No matter how nice she is they seem to hate her, but love Rebecca. Josh makes it up to Valencia with some make-up sex and announcing that they're moving in together in front of his entire family.

I'm So Happy That Josh is So Happy!

Valencia and Josh are moving into their new apartment and hey have everything they need except furniture. Josh and his friends surprise Valencia with a new dining room table they spent all night making. The gesture was really sweet, but she doesn't like the dining table and wants them to take it apart and return it.

I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends!


Valencia singing

Valencia and her friends just came out of the movie theater and are planning their annual trip to the beach. She spots Rebecca in the distance and invites her to tag along. On the day of the trip Rebecca surprises everyone with a party bus. The ride starts off fun with Valencia and Josh dancing and making out, however halfway to the beach Rebecca performs a pole dance, where everyone saw a bit too much. Valencia becomes outraged and can't understand how no else sees Rebecca is trying to impress Josh and soon the whole bus is arguing.

When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?

Rebecca and Heather see Valencia at Sugar Face eating donuts, which is unusual for someone who doesn't eat carbs.



Valencia and Rebecca start out as friends and hang out for a while when they first meet. Valencia's never bonded with other women and thinks Rebecca could be different. After an awkward kiss at a club and Rebecca reveals that she use to date Josh, their friendship ends and they become enemies. Valencia feels like Rebecca threatens her relationship with Josh and wants Josh to avoid her. However, Rebecca keeps turning up. At one point Valencia and Greg team up to expose her as a liar, but that backfires. Josh always seems to trust Rebecca over Valencia.


Josh Chan

Valencia and JOSH

Josh and Valencia

Valencia and Josh have been dating on and off since high school. In 2015 they rekindled their relationship when Josh came back from New York to his hometown, West Covina to be with her. Now they are living together in an apartment and Valencia is just waiting for Josh to propose. However Rebecca threatens their relationship. After she arrives in town Josh becomes confused about how he feels and starts to notice the way Valencia treats him isn't always nice. Valencia controls him and doesn't respect his ideas. In the season one finale Valencia finally gives up on Josh ever proposing and wanting more from their relationship and breaks up with him.



  • “I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you, which is not far because you eat bagels after 8 p.m.,” -Valencia to Rebecca


  • Valencia is the Spanish name for brave
  • Name used to be Maria then she changed it to her mother's maiden name.
  • Likes tempeh patties and Vampire Weekend
  • Was statutory raped by an English Teacher when they did "hand stuff" during high school 

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