West Covina (reprise) is sung by Rebecca Bunch and Paula Proctor at the end of Josh Just Happens to Live Here!. It is a reprise of "West Covina".


Rebecca: See the blood rushing to my cheeks.
Hear the sigh when I try to speak.
Paula: All our cares will disappear.
West Covina!
I don't know what happens next.
But all roads point to this magical text.
It's time to kick it into high
West Covina!
That's where we are!
Bella and Edward,
Carrie and Big,
Harry and Sally,
Julie Roberts and Richard
Rebecca and Paula: Yes, also by coincidence, so random, just by chance
Who’da thunk it, so remarkable and weird, right? It’s so great
That this guy Josh...
Just happens to be...
The Sexy Getting Ready Song
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