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Where is the Rock? is performed by a group of lawyers in That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!. In this song, Rebecca notices that one of her rocks from her "Happily Ever After" stones is missing.


Harry: Where is the rock?
Lawyers: Rock!
Harry: That says "ever".
Where is the rock?
Lawyers: Rock!
Harry: That says "ever".
Connie: If the rock came from inside your house,
That means he has to believe that someone broke into your house
And then picked up a rock.
Lawyers: Rock!
Rebecca's Client: And then went outside and threw it through your window.
Connie's Client: That would be a super weird crime.
Connie: He’s not the brightest but he’s not dumb as a rock.
Lawyers: Rock!
Connie: See what I did there?
Harry: Oh my God, he’s turning over the rock.
Lawyers: Rock!

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